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    [SCENE] Solarsystem

    Hey guys! I'm currently working on a solarsystem scene for a game i'd like to make. My goal is to make it as physically accurate as possible, while still being visually appealing.

    As of right now I have a blueprint powering the orbits of the planets, unfortunately the blueprint doesn't support eliptical orbits;/ I have a skysphere and some planets that I'm happy with. I also have a rudimentary sun, which consists of a sphere with a texture that is slightly transparent and very emissive, as well as a point light which is INSANELY bright (Emissive doesn't dynamically light the planets orbiting).

    What I would like to do for the future:
    -Code a planetary atmosphere shader in hlsl, that includes Mie and Rayleigh scattering. (I'm too stubborn and too curious about how to do it to just buy it off of the marketplace...)
    -Create spaceparticles that are present throughout the scene ( possibly using niagara)
    -Create an array of asteroids, so that I can have asteroid belts for some of the planets.
    -Create some spiral galaxies made of starclusters and spacedust, to spicen up the background.
    -Make some dust(or gas)clouds that are present throughout the scene.
    -Create a more advanced sun with particle effects and hopefully solar flares and stuff.
    -Make a blueprint or write a piece of code that would support eliptical orbits.

    Well this is going to be a lot of work: I'll keep you posted on my progress!

    Note: All assets are not based on any one real world object.

    link to my instagram:
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    Nice, I like it.


      You should look at Planet Creator 2 on the marketplace, it has some nice looking gas planets.

      The picture you made looks great, very atmospheric. Although it's not very realistic, the sun is too big even for Mercury (the closest planet, which is still 57.91 million km away from the sun).

      For the asteroids just use instancing with a few different meshes, it works great for a ring like at Saturn.


        Yeah, I've seen it. I use Grand Designer for the planets, which can also create Gas giants. I feel that if i put the sun waay further away it won't look as impressive, I might end up doubling the distance or something similar. Thanks for the tips and the feedback