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    [GAME] MusicalSnake

    Musical Snake is a rhythm game (kinda) where you have to press any button to either change direction, jump or teleport to dodge obstacles

    current levels:

    beginning (medium difficulty)
    war (medium)
    fluoresent forest (medium)
    sans (hard)
    xpartMIDI (weird)
    game theory (hard)
    wall-e (medium)
    wandering (easy)
    mars arrival (medium)
    necromancy (hard)
    life could be a dream (medium)
    epilogue (medium)

    change log : -every level is now open, but for the level to be completed you still must get 7+ food
    -3 new levels
    -added new Reflex Mode : once you enable reflex mode you must press a specified button to send an input, if you dont press the specified button you dont send an input
    -added new Game Speed : you can now change the speed of the game! you can change it from 0.75 to 2.0 speed!, this can help people who are not good at rhythm games to get started, or it can be a challenge for hardcore players
    -general improvements to the experience

    i would really appreciate some feed back and ideas.

    download :
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    This actually a pretty cool idea! I do have to say I was thoroughly impressed at what you were able to create. There's something charming about the simplistic, polygonal visuals - it has a very clean look to it.

    I'm not very good at rhythm games (I couldn't actually beat any of the stages unfortunately), but I think this idea has a lot of potential. With some additional polish, I think you can go pretty far with this. For feedback, here's my thoughts:
    • I would add some labels on the map screen for the levels. Like say, mouse over it and the name of it appears on screen. Having the level's difficulty rating also appear onscreen would also be good.
    • In regards to the music, likely the final game probably can't include any of the copyrighted music tracks. To stay on the safe side, I'd recommend making sound-alikes just so that you don't get any legal trouble, but in beta, you can probably still use them for the time being as temp tracks.

    Other than that, keep up the good work!


      new update!
      change log : -now you need to atleast eat 7 balls (food) to proceed to the next level
      -after you finished a level, another harder level will open and once you've finished all levels on earth, you go to mars and do the existing levels on mars (1 currently)
      -added cheat codes! in credits, song names you can now type in cheat codes to open open levels (hint:my real name)
      -added some decorations to some levels (fire flies, explosions, grass,...)
      download link :


        Just played the new version. I got all the way up to Game Theory and Sans, but I couldn't beat either of those. However, I definitely like the subtle details you've added so far. The explosions and grass are very nice touches. Great work! Just a few minor suggestions:
        • The war stage was pretty long and I was a little worried about making a mistake and having to go all the way back. Maybe consider adding checkpoints? (Or maybe I'm just not very good.)
        • Maybe also add a counter for the amount of food you collected just so you can keep track if you have enough to beat the level.
        • What about some alternative collectibles that could count towards a personal score? A bit like the food you have except a bit more numerous.
        • There were a few times in fluorescent forest where I hit an invisible wall. Maybe add a few more trees to make it a bit more obvious where you have to go?


          thanks for the feedback again!

          i know i still have a long way to go and i have alot of ideas for new levels, but before that i wanna make the other levels more enjoyable
          i've been working on a small game called Cube Jumper because i was kinda bored of working on this one

          -for the war stage, its the longest level and want to make it less repetitive and more enjoyable, any ideas? i'm thinking about something like seeing bunkers, houses and other things being destroyed in the background to maybe tell a small story aswell

          -a know there's alot of invisible walls on fluoresent forest.... ok i'll add more decoration to show where the walls are

          -i have been prototyping a continue button that actually works, currently my problem is WHEN it should be available and also the song desyncs with the movement (as if its really sync anyways, but its annoying me, it becoming even less synced)

          -a counter isn't a bad idea :P

          -after working on cube jumper and seeing how its more enjoyable because of the personal Time score, i think its a good idea to add a secondary collectable just for the personal score

          thanks for playing my game and giving feedback, your awesome


            small update just for showing that i'm still working on the game (even if it is SUPER slowly)


              hi! do you guys have any songs you would like in the game? if you do put the download link here and also the credits! (the creator of the song) (i prefer the song to be instrumental

              i'm currently working on a few levels and then i plan to release an update (i have 2 levels done and 1 under work)

              but i can't work on the game for the next 3 weeks (exams) so i hope when i come back i can get back to working on it
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                Looking forward to it!

                I don't have any songs to link to at the moment, but I might be interested in composing some original tunes if you want.
                CURRENT PROJECTS:


                  i'm not in a rush if you have the time and a idea for a song make it