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    [GAME] Filament

    The Team:
    Nagoni BenWebster Sketchie

    A three man team whose sole focus, despite a very vocal enthusiasm for beards, is to make quirky and compelling games. Two games artists and a visual effects artist, we began making games together when we took part in a game jam on a whim. Since then, and after a number of other game jams, we decided to pursue our passion and make games independently. Currently working full time on our puzzle game FILAMENT, we think you'll love it

    About the game

    FILAMENT is a relaxed puzzle game where you guide small robots through a series of levels, solving puzzles with nothing but the lights on their heads and the cables that tether them.

    ​ FILAMENT began as a week long game jam entry for the Epic Megajam 2017 where it was a finalist. Since then, it has entered full development, the number of puzzles continues to grow, with some cool new mechanics, an original soundtrack is being scored and a narrative is being worked on. We’ve also completely revamped the level selection menu, scrapping the menu entirely instead building a spaceship that the player can explore. Terminals are dotted around the ship, with each one letting the player access 2-5 puzzles. Hopefully this results in a more fluid difficulty curve, along with letting the player move on to something else if they get stuck.

    If you never played the game jam build and want to give it a try you can download a bug fixed version here (original game jam visuals and all, not representative of what we have now)

    Enough with the words though, have some pictures.

    Puzzle visual overhaul:

    New puzzle mechanics:

    And what we're most proud of... New hub to access the levels from:

    Moving between rooms:

    walking around the crew area: here

    We'll keep this thread updated, please let us know what you think
    Artist at Beard Envy, follow us on: Twitter - Facebook - Youtube

    Yay! I can't wait to see more