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eternal apex // ambient cyberpunk megastructure endless rider

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    [GAME] eternal apex // ambient cyberpunk megastructure endless rider

    click for youtube video:
    (audio is important, and try to watch in 4k fullscreen
    even if you have a 1080p monitor -- the 1080p and lower video is chunky)

    eternal apex //
    an ambient (no goals, just cruising), high speed, futuristic tunnel racer prototype

    An impromptu game design challenge over a few late nights recently to better wrap my head around:

    - World origin shifting to seamlessly offset player and world geometry every 100k units in direction of player movement indefinitely

    - World position offset in the materials for road, walls, and ceiling (including emissive light bar) to curve tunnel into the distance; updated offset target over time depending on player velocity to gradually change curve; used same formula in blueprint to update position of ceiling point lights to match emissive light bar mesh

    - Single instanced static mesh for all towers and overpasses, procedurally sized and positioned at runtime

    - Tunnel segments procedurally placed at runtime randomly chosen from preset patterns (fully enclosed tunnel, open-sided tunnel, open-roofed tunnel, arches, etc)

    - 24 fps gameplay: this topic is contentious, but I'm a cinemaphile and love the 24fps cinematic "look" -- however most games feel very jerky and unresponsive at such a low framerate, so I designed motion and input from the ground up to look and feel smooth and natural at this more film-like framerate (although it's still possible to play at 60fps or higher with a toggle)

    Sadly my modeling and texturing skills are lacking, so for the sake of rapid prototyping:

    - Motorcycle and all level geometry were made in blueprints from stock spheres and cubes

    - All textures and materials are very basic, using stock concrete texture and simple road stripes overlaid

    - Headlight and taillight are just point lights using in-engine IES profiles

    Desktop looks and feels very good, but I'm still working on mobile support for the learning experience:

    - even on my "high end" mobile device (Android), dynamic lighting support is very limited, so I'm currently attempting to find a way to "paint" the headlight and taillight beams into the road/wall/ceiling materials

    - postprocessing is very limited, so motion blur, bloom, depth of field, etc are worse or nonexistent

    However, performance is good, and touch/tilt/cam rotation controls feel very good.

    More to come...
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    Really digging the atmosphere of this! Felt really good once the smaller structures whizzed by and you got a real sense on how fast you're going~


      Beautiful - reminds me a lot of the demoscene community's work.