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    Originally posted by n00854180t View Post
    Made an official trailer for my VR audiobook player, and the update (overhauled level/environment art, updated to 4.10 and 0.8 Oculus Runtime). It's out now at (link below in my sig).
    Oh my god I remember your posts from a while back! I am actually very excited to see how this develops. It's such a novel concept.


      pd: excuse my english.

      lfw/paid modeling, painting, texturing.


        a further developed revision of the lighthouse scene:

        let me know what you think of it.



          Just testing making characters from Adobe Fuse and making them behave nicely with UE4


            A short video and some work in progress shots of my current Arch Viz project for school.

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              Genre: Real-time Strategy
              Engine ver: 4.10 Custom

              First In-Game Footage

              About Game:

              W.N.C Infantry - Real-time Strategy with focus on multiplayer.

              The action takes place at the nearest future. A large number of local conflicts, led to start of the war.
              You have to choose your side, and lead your army to the victory.

              Key Features
              • Two story lines.
              • 20 Maps on different sides of the world.
              • Multiplayer matches with up to 8 players.
              • Realistic graphics.
              • Dynamic weather and time. Which will change gameplay.
              • High quality graphics.

              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

Name:	cs2LfUjJqPk.jpg
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	kllORRO-V3A.jpg
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	Ju6QXjx6-7E.jpg
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              Greenlight page:



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                *deleted* updated is coming.
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                  Peek (Pitcher Cubes)

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                  If it does not move to 25 FPS minimum.It´s not Real Time


                    This is a test of the update to the new motion controller interface and integration of the Skyrim-style pickup. I'm using Razer Hydras currently, though I hope to get a Vive.

                    The "snap" there is due to grabbing the actor's location rather than the hit location as I'm using a sphere overlap test instead of raycasts. I'll be fixing that up soon.

                    I also wrote the asynchronous/multi-threaded decompress class responsible for powering eXi's Sound Visualization Plugin. The gist of it is that once you get around the in-editor only restriction (by restricting the plugin to only single or stereo channel sounds) the problem is that for large sounds it will decompress the entire SoundWave, which can be problematic for large compressed audio, as in the case of audiobooks, which is what I originally wrote the class for (which ended up as a component in my code, though I think eXi changed that). Instead of decompressing the entire sound the class allowed sending down start and end time, and I made the changes to the OGG related functions to seek and only decompress that one bit.

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                    Storyteller - An immersive VR audiobook player

                    Dungeon Survival - WIP First person dungeon crawler with a focus on survival and environmental gameplay ala roguelikes


                      Here I made a new blood decal effect when I shoot the enemies.


                        Posting here for some added exposition




                          Latest footage. Have got FPS improved after adding lods, but cant use full screen with 4.10. Still long road ahead.


                            Some really awesome works on this page! I especially like that arch viz environment. Keep up the great work everyone. =)

                            Caldera Entertainment | Twitter | ArtStation


                              Hello and Merry Christmas to you all!
                              We shot this teaser for our latest VR Game. Please Enjoy!

                              Click image for larger version

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                              Click image for larger version

Name:	VR_Basketball_02.png
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                              Website | Marketplace | ArtStation


                                Working on another environment scene, finished these 2 recently.

                                First Scene is a ArchViz environment made in one week.

                                The other is an abandoned russian church.
                                Finished this one up in 3weeks, then did a re iteration on the scene itself to further improve it.

                                And this is my current Work in progress found here.

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                                Timothy Dries
                                Environment Artist