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    Originally posted by Manatee View Post
    Veerrry nice looking enviroment! I like the lightning and vibrant colours, and the fact that not everything is overly metallic or glossy.

    Transitions seem working at least in the video. Some of the camera movements perhaps stop a bit abrubtly to my tastes- adding a slowing down key as a brake would make them a bit smoother. Then
    again I worked years in cutscenes so I am overly picky for those :P. Is the main character on the screen all the time btw or is it like first person? If the character is visible all the time, maybe the camera movement animations might
    get a bit "noisy" after a while and simple fixed/semi fixed cameras with slight pans and camera interest centered at the character could work better. Thats something you have to test with the character moving though, if there will be that .

    Biggest question probably though is, how does player realize what area he can zoom into, what objects examine etc? The room is very nice looking but also very dense, so its hard to figure what are important objects and what are not.
    Of course this is something that clears up when playing, but if there is not any hint such as popups/edge lines/tooltips, there is a chance it might become just randomly clicking around until something happens? Keep up nice work!
    Hi Manatee,
    thx for the very kind words ! they really lift my spirit ;-)
    - transistions should be more smooth in compiled and optimized game. keep in mind this is live recorded with nvidea shadowplay in 4k with 15-20 fps now.
    the transitions should have already a little easing at the start and end. maybe i should make it more pronounced.
    - the main character would be on screen most of the time. but e.g. going up the ladder will change to only first person mode. so we dont have to create the animation for it.
    - i know what you mean that the camera movement might get annoying when used to often. this will have to proof itself when we are further on the prototype.
    - yeah i know the room is very dense, i always seem to mess them up with all these stuff, but i hope to get it working that not all objects on the screen will have a hotspot, so the player should have enough options to get immersed in the environment without getting lost into it.
    hope this makes sense at all ;-)

    @ SchnitzelDude:
    thx for your kind words, too. We are neighbours somehow. i live in m√ľnster ;-)


      Working on the first official teaser of our upcoming game Tenebrae - Twilight of the Gods!

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        My latest creation for our game, a robot that will project our menu.

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            Here's another prop from my upcoming pack. See more here!

            Click image for larger version

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              Originally posted by stucki View Post
              here comes a further developed version of the starting room of the game.

              this is how a scene and the transitions between places in the scene could work in game.
              once the charakter moves near another place, there will be a short cameraflight.
              some of these flights will be soft scrolling while character is moving (starting point moving to the right and looking to the ladder), some will be real short flights (e.g. from starting position up to the storage room )
              recorded with shadowplay in 4k with 15-20 fps fully unoptimized.

              what do you think of it ?
              Its a technical & artistic achievement for sure! Those candles frames, & rain on windows! By the way, how do you animated the windows. Flipbook? Any tips? I hope to do similar with my adventure game as well.

              I have one comment thought, why not make it first person normal navigation, if it is fully 3D? It is a throw back to 90s adventure games like Myst?
              Check my working title: The Locked Room here:


                Originally posted by Kanizitas View Post
                **** physics. Im a plane!

                Looks great. Just feel teh turning speed is a bit too much, & giving me a headache. Any thoughts of slowing down the turning speed?
                Check my working title: The Locked Room here:


                  Hi I have made a new video of my Doom remake on unreal engine 4


                    I like that doom stuff :3 But the last guy who tried that was sentenced to wash dirty cloth. :c

                    Heres another contribution from me:


                      Knife-action in hospital WC:
                      Click image for larger version

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                        medical station

                        some medical station

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Always impressed by what I see on this thread... this is a short clip of my game jam entry... wish youtube didn't kill the quality so much.

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                                Some screen shot. This is what I give up playing Fallout 4 last week for. (Fallout disk still in the box, with platistic wrap)

                                Lighting the scene is a pain in the backside, but I am gettign better, At least finally got rid of the in your face lens flares & bloom.

                                Check my working title: The Locked Room here: