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    [QUOTE=Anubis;210416]I'm working on The Hum:Abductions (UE4 is just awesome!)

    That's amazing, I can't wait to see where this goes!
    Jonathan Lambert
    Lead VR Developer


      We create environment level for our client in their games: Defenders of the Klaus. Please let us know what you think!

      And here is our house modular


        Love the asset style Thunder Cloud !

        Edit: And this is what I'm working on with eye tracking....

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          Hi Jonathan,

          Great work, scene looks good. Just a few ideas below:

          1) Floor - Work on specular map for floor tiles to add variation and noise, make specular and reflections work together i.e. wet parts of floor near sink and floor drain could be glossy and reflective. Also maybe add some dirt between tiles, add random rough edges, subtle foot prints, mop patterns & water stains.
          2) Chome/ metal material could do with some variation, subtle finger prints, smudges, maybe the odd drop of blood.
          3) Contact shadows for objects touching the ceiling would help as they look like they floating a bit.
          4) Maybe add some props like paper work, dictaphone, plastic gloves, pens, lab coat.


            Great thread and amazing projects in here, can't believe I've missed it for soo long!

            I've been working on VR input for past few months, had a chance to try a simple game with the LeapJam about a month ago. Being a programmer, visuals is an area I badly need to upgrade

            Wave you hand around to cast some spells all the while running away from ever increasing horde of goblins... If you have a leap motion and an oculus rift try it out at

            More recently I've been digging into how to make the raw infrared images coming from the leap(real world) blend with VR. Adding a simple depth blend allows you to replace your real roof with a virtual sky

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              I do a weekly UE4 developer vlog, in which I document my weekly progress in making a procedural building system.

              In this week's vlog (episode 4), I discuss seamless material tiling across multiple, modular meshes. Should be of interest to anyone who's ever tried making modular buildings.

              Vlog forum thread:


                Quick WIP of a transition material I picked up again.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	radial_switch.png
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                Game Developer @ LODZERO - My Twitter | UE4 samples & tutorials | C++ Survival Game (Open-Source)


                  Our first step into commercial UE4 implementations.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	f1.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	f2.jpg
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                  Nothing fancy at the moment, still needs some love, but good enough to start showing around.

                  You can download the demo appartment from our website:

                  Or you can start a direct download here:
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                    Some materials I did for Switch.

                    Game Developer @ LODZERO - My Twitter | UE4 samples & tutorials | C++ Survival Game (Open-Source)


                      My Retro Style Platformer: Cube Ninja!
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                        Thanks to Tom Looman for creating this thread, there's some great work being shared by everyone!

                        To share my exploits - I just released the youtube launch trailer for my game 'Drunk On Nectar', a third-person action strategy game.

                        I'm now capturing screenshots for creating an image gallery for the game's website!

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	SS - Beauty Shot Speed Lines.jpg
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                            We just found out Space Dust Racers is coming to GDC March 4-6! Thanks heaps Epic! We’ll be at the Unreal Engine booth, #1024 South. Here’s our latest trailer showing what kind of mayhem you can expect:

                            Lead Gameplay Developer at Space Dust Studios/Varkian Empire (@butterparty)
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                              Wow lots of impressive work in this thread. I'll just drop some images of my most recent project here...

                              I talk about the project a bit here.

                              Anyway, keep up the good work unrealians.


                                I'm working on a highly robust and tweakable Parallax Occlusion Mapper!

                                Watch this thread for updates leading up to the Marketplace submission.
                                Senior CEO in Chief of Game Builder Club and Building 3d Game Birds Gameapp Maker Co.

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