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    Added the first runtime generated dungeon, made with Dungeon Architect Ali Akbar
    Click image for larger version

Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_13.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_12.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_11.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_10.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_9.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_1.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_4.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_3.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_7.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_6.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_2.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_8.jpg
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Name:	LEGENDSofEPICADungeonNaeros_teaser_5.jpg
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ID:	1753443
    [LEGENDS of EPICA][Twitter][FB][YT][Vimeo][Reallusion Technical Expert]



        Having 3 weeks off work has really allowed me to expand my learning. This week was AI systems, And I made some Metal gear solid types guard AI.


          Hey everyone. with my teammates, we are working on Amma: Chronicles of lost stars, an action role-playing game set in a mysterious and ancient universe.

          Here is the official thread about the project:


            Developed using unreal engine 4 (a genius slackers game)





              After over 4 years in development hell, we are finally ready to announce "Ruth's Journey", a free demo to our upcoming game "The Long Way Home". Set in the TLWH universe, Ruth's Journey follows Ruth as she sets out to photograph the rare Golden Finch.


                Highlights from our January 2020 Mocap Circus Workshop at Animatrik Film Design in Burnaby, British Columbia:

                Exploration of integrating live video feeds into digital environments for real-time virtual performance:

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                  just monkeying around. SunSky and SkySphere combo.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	sunsky.jpg
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Size:	207.1 KB
ID:	1762770


                    Getting pivot painter 2 to work nicely with foliage:


                      Taking another shot at a snow material function, includes diffuse, normals, displacement, large scale persistent trails, and sparkly bits.


                        Working on 3rd person PvP shooter. This is our progress for 6 weeks.
                        Network replication is ready and lvl is graybox.


                          Have just finished the directional parry system in #disstrandia


                            Just a quick post to let folks that I'm still working on my project Working Title - Deidra).

                            Here's a few Screenshots to let everyone know how it's looking so far.

                            I have a Dev Blog on the web site:

                            There's also a Demo available for download if anyone is interested
                            Talk with everyone later !

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                              Hello to everybody posting here ! Here is all of my current recent work, and Yorda's locomotion system is more like an ongoing learning project for animation systems. Thanks for watching !

                              and here's my showreel 2020


                                Finally getting the hang of Unreal Engine and Blender!
                                Made the Dodge Charger 2014, still have to figure some things out like the flashing lights under the mirror/pushbar. Somehow they are not transparent anymore >_<
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