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    One more just because I made big progress on directional lighting & subsurface scattering tonight.


      Overdrive X, camera shake, animation blending etc


        A quick video of a prototype of the alternative to the blueprint merge tool I've been working on a school project. The goal is to simplify the merging process by allowing the user to accept and reject individual changes. Instead of having to manually merge the blueprints.


          Working on a means of travelling in the bunker between floors -
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            I finished this scene. More screenshots at:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	1.jpg Views:	4 Size:	557.5 KB ID:	1563725
            Free tutorials here!

            See my work here to grab free resources for game dev


              I've been working on an underwater sea base level for Agent 9. More progress is on the forums here:

              The biggest challenge this level has presented is the underwater effect. It took me a long time to get right, but after dozens of google searches and a bunch of iterations It looks pretty convincing in my opinion. The bubbles give some depth to the scene, floating up to the surface and making it all feel more immersive. I experimented with underwater scenery outside the windows but it never looked quite right and distracted from the main level. I think the location and effects go a long way in distinguishing and making it feel unique to the rest of the game. What do you guys think? (Note that this is just an early look, there's still lots of work to do!)

              Click image for larger version  Name:	Seaglobe5.jpg Views:	1 Size:	139.9 KB ID:	1564123


                Here is some stuff I worked on in 2017. Found it lying on my Hard drive, and thought it was a shame I never shared it. So here goes. The game is still under construction.

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                  Our contribution to today's screenshotsaturday.

                  We are working on a first-person dinosaur horror-adventure game called The Lost Wild. We've been working on a playable demo for over a year (part-time) and are close to a full release trailer and public demo early 2019!


                    Fellow enthusiasts, I have hinted at early development material from 2017 in an earlier post, without sharing the recent material. So I just uploaded something to remedy that. To whom it may concern, u will perhaps soon get to know more about the project in a dedicated forum post. Nice holidays to all.


                      Awesome works everybody! Great Ape Games that dinosaur in that lighting looks dangerous as hell. Awesome look!
                      Here is some more work of mine on the bunker - one of the levels -Click image for larger version

Name:	bunker_b3level.jpg
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ID:	1565008


                        Clouds are now responsive to different lighting conditions!



                          Hello! Merry Christmas Everyone!!
                          Here is my UE4 "New Terminal Velocity" test video:

                          and, derived from it, my Christmas greeting video too!



                            Really awesome work on this page everyone. That horror dinosaur game looks interesting as well, looking forward to seeing more of it. =)

                            Caldera Entertainment | Twitter | ArtStation


                              I've started to play around with an arcade racing AI / game.

                              Works awesome so far.



                              If i lose interest in it, i'll rewrite it to be a fish ai.

                              edit/ Tweaked the physics and ai values a little bit. Seems like i'm the suicidal driver now.
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                              @CarstenZarbock - Follow me on Twitter, thank you


                                Just contributing some pics
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	HighresScreenshot00019.jpg
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                                Click image for larger version

Name:	HighresScreenshot00011.jpg
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