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    Big ol space garden


      Character made using Manuel Bastioni Lab for Blender. Manuel Bastioni Lab is very high quality and open source. I struggled for sometime getting retargeted animations to work correctly but after some trial and error I can say that quality is first class!
      A close up of the face
      A close up of the face
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        ok, the first five are done... about all you need really, the following chapters will be more detail about how our hero came to his conclusions, with a twist at the end...

        sound is a bit buggy on recording... had to start at .009 to have any control at all, then on record some of the fades disappeared and was generally wobbly... oh well, life goes on... now i can play around a bit :-)

        sweet dreams...


          Screen from testing my android game "VikingtheDigger"

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            mall_one veggies in space are always cool.

            I did a bit of work on the train stationClick image for larger version

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              Looks pretty cool. Reminds me a bit of FFXV. =)

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                Just release my first Metroidvania prototype, here is an ingame screenshot :

                Click image for larger version

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                And you can TRY IT here :
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                  Still working on our prototype The Bounds from Project Louisiana.


                    A quick video I made called the Hippo Dance, featuring my ManHippo character recently developed, animated and rendered in UE4.


                      Here is a short clip of a game we ( are working on.

                      Our game Segment is a multiplayer royale-style FPS game set in a dystopian future where you can scavenge and battle for a rare energy source called “segment”.
                      A war between humans and artificially intelligent machines left vast “zones” abandoned and rich with segment. You have a limited amount of time to loot as much segment as possible. Make it out alive and you can keep your loot. If you fail to extract before your time is up, or get knocked out by an opponent, then you will lose everything from that expedition.
                      You can use segment to upgrade your weapons, armor and more in the city by interacting with vendors. A “platinum” version of segment can be purchased to enter various in-game tournament modes and can be exchanged for real money. Yes, it will finally pay to play video games! Video game professionals are able to do it now, but our goal is to share that aspect with everyone. Our team at is dedicated to bringing this dream to life but also to ensuring a fun and safe environment for casual and passionate gamers alike!

                      Segment will be released on Steam for PC in 2019 with future plans for console support.

                      Please follow us at:

                      or visit for more information.


                        Andrei, you switched to UE4?! Wise decision indeed. Welcome aboard.

                        Anyways I've finished modeling one of the walls of my WIP sci fi scene.
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	wall.jpg Views:	1 Size:	228.8 KB ID:	1538323
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                          Back with some more clouds, looking at a more stylized visual, using displaced meshes with cel & outline post processing

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                              That looks great Selentic, is that postprocess or are you using the toon shading model? (or your own system)?.

                              It's sort of funny that what I was working on for the last week or so was anime inspired to be responding right after your post, a gore system utilising the procedural mesh components' slicing functionality and ragdoll physics.

                              I used to have a more basic version however it was broken by the 4.19 engine update (as can be read in the video description).

                              As a warning the video is a gore system, so expect particle effects and cruelty to the mannequin. It's also age restricted:

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                                Originally posted by Daniel Skipper Games View Post
                                That looks great Selentic, is that postprocess or are you using the toon shading model? (or your own system)?.

                                it's mostly based off this.