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    Originally posted by yourfriendkarol View Post

    how did you get these insane skill animations :O
    hey, kindof a long story bro , basically coded the moveset i wanted certain stances, like a fast stance and a balanced stance and a heavy stance, then based my moves around those ideas, all the moves require quite a lot of logic behind the scenes, lock on systems, air combo systems, weapon swithching systems etc. it's very complex, and if i gave anyone else my code they probably wouldn't have a clue what was going on, cause i'm too lazy to comment it lol. the animations though come from different sources, some of which are hand made and some are free ( mixamo ) and some are bought ( unreal marketplace )

    actually that's weird...i do have a friend called carol in real lol
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      Working on my next UE4 Marketplace product. This one will focus on Settlement Defense and be a part of the new Polaris Collection. Check out more screens here! =)

      Caldera Entertainment | Twitter | ArtStation


        Anime Shading Model - Twitter


          Hi all, I'm back to continue my RPG project and here is a little update:


            I'm but a simple 3D enthusiast, tending to my Paragon assets.
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              Hi guys

              Something my team has been working on . Its still a WIP .

              ​​​​​​​Do share ur feedback.
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                Originally posted by Philcrifo View Post
                Working on some interactible foliage

                Project 'Caillou' Devlog


                  Working on UI and Interface for my game project. More information in the link in my signature.

                  Anyway, if anyone knows how to fix the classic unreal " low texture pop in" of the UI elements, let me know. It's an eyesore.

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                  Check my working title: The Locked Room here:


                    Hello. "The Abyss" is a short Scifi/Thriller film, done in Unreal Engine 4. The film and the tutorial episodes will be available soon. Before that i wanted to share some screenshots. Thank you.


                      So, here are some WiP shots and gifs of the 3rd person Survival Horror, The Dark Veil: West Haven. Inspired by Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and early Resident Evil games, we are carefully combining specific elements of each to create a new, yet familiar feeling survival horror game that will not only hit your nostalgia button, but will also give you a fresh new survival horror adventure.

                      Here's a bit of a sneak peek!

                      Currently working on perfecting the lighting and atmosphere to our liking. Looking for a dark, dreary, dirty fantasy style of environment.

                      As you can see, the lighting color has changed, allowing a better view on environment textures and colors.

                      Concept of indoor darkness. Monsters coming soon...

                      Here's an idea of outdoor atmosphere...

                      We are currently working on perfecting and implementing the main character's animations, then onto the enemies directly after. Once we can show the full extent of our combat, we'll be sharing a lot more with the world. We will also be going for a Crowd Fund to help bring our story to life directly after that. We've been getting a lot of great feedback and good responses from people, so I figured it would be time to share it on this thread!

                      Hope you all like what you see!


                      STR Games, LLC.


                        Did some cloud studies as part of a set of projects, ended up with a nice-ish result using displacement of two tessellated planes.


                          Originally posted by Mordecai View Post
                          Nice! How are you doing that awesome glow on the lantern?
                          @SeanNoonan | My Portfolio


                            Gameplay & developer's comment video. Yes, I will be getting a mic soon, & doing a bit of voice training.

                            I hope to finish the gameplay for the level soon, which is about 85% done. Then I will take a short break to refresh before focusing on polishing, & add the other elements to the level, namely, in-game cutscenes (there will be 2), & start & end cutscenes (slideshow 2D style).

                            Check my working title: The Locked Room here:


                              Here's a blockout WIP of a weapon in my upcoming marketplace product. =) Check out more screens here!

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Turret_Wip_4.jpg
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                              Caldera Entertainment | Twitter | ArtStation


                                Finally finished a game play trailer for the current alpha version of Brimstone Brawlers!