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    A WIP environment for the next marketplace release, you can check out the 360 image in the FB page

    Folio and Others: - Portfolio - Youtube - Facebook - TFE Discord



        mobile game... wip... just a quick game only been working on it for about two or three weeks... it's an upgrade to my ancient mobile project that I never finished... gameplay is quite fun and finally improved performance for the map which is pretty large for a mobile game... runs silky smooth.. it's actually a lot of fun just to run around in with the basic gameplay systems I've put in place, have just created my own waypoint system for missions, which haven't been implemented yet... used rngesus to generate the map, then added unique assets... pretty nifty..

        here's a pic


          retconed my mobile game into a full on pc game over the course of a night, just to see how it would look, here's the result... also at the same time combine code from this with code from altercore, so now I can actually fight on this map with this character, which is pretty sweet ...

          just a test video



            Creating new characters for the game


              Did some UI work; dynamic scrolling lists with drag/drop content.


                Castle 101 is a procedural city generator for my Water-Home models.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	castle_101.jpg Views:	1 Size:	117.1 KB ID:	1353190
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                  We polished our mystery&empty postapocalyptic level. We want your feedback about ambient sounds!


                    Hi Everyone,
                    The Devil's Eight is now on Kickstarter and needs all the support it can get. The Devil's Eight is a game currently being made by me and another developer in our spare time. We decide to launch a kickstarter to help us go full time and finish the game by next year. So far the kickstarter is just over 10% funded. If you can, Please help back or share the kickstarter that would be awesome!

                    Kickstarter Trailer

                    Kickstarter Link


                      added some air teknomancy... still have one move left to do ( zeus thunderbolt ( guyver refrence ))



                        Originally posted by Tom Looman View Post
                        Following the idea of the most popular thread on polycount What Are You Working On? 2014 Edition

                        So please share your screenshots and videos from Unreal 4!

                        I'll start by sharing some different things I've been working on recently.

                        Shield reacting to bullet impacts...

                        Material decal matched to the floor texture, dynamically moves over the floor and "fills" it will the current player's health (green, yellow, orange, red)

                        If you're cross-posting from your own thread - please provide a link so people can check out your other work too.

                        Now happy sharing! Show us what you're working on!
                        I just recently posted on here, I may as well share it here.
                        I've been working a hack and slash game


                          now that I'm on my computer; I have been working on this project for while. here's a few screenshots and pics.

                          also my post on here


                            Upcoming Micro-Factions heraldic badges: Eagle-King & Swan-Prince

                            Click image for larger version

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                              My first human character im making from scratch (i started with a cube.. :-) ). in maya, marvelous designer, substance painter.

                              eye and skin shaders not already set up.

                              Total verts: 23'511 (full characer with equipment and clothes)..

                              have a nice evening


                                Additional bones with influence at female parts added, optimize skinning, added a bone for a maybe hovering "new idea" near the head

                                next steps:
                                - redoing clothes mesh
                                - concepting semi-organic helmet with different adapting parts.
                                - concepting the "new idea"
                                - set up correctly materials in UE

                                have a nice day folks

                                how to insert higher-res images in posts?
                                Click image for larger version

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