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Incognita - Large Scale Procedural Generation with Biomes [Downloadable]

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    [GAME] Incognita - Large Scale Procedural Generation with Biomes [Downloadable]

    Hi there. After a few years of buying interesting assets in the marketplace and reading around the forum, I've finally decided to sit down and work on some projects to make them useful. The result is Incognita - sort of a prototype I worked on to get more in depth with C++, and to test out a few ideas on procedural generation.

    In short, Incognita creates a voxel landscape, featuring mountains, biomes, rivers, roads, buildings, and weather. The prototype is downloadable from the link at the end of this post.

    Please keep in mind that while the landscape is randomly generated, this isn't No Man's Sky, meshes (ex: trees, buildings) aren't part of procedural generation.

    So what's next? Actually, there's a lot to do. My final goal is to make a full game with this procedural generation as one of the main feature, but before doing so, I want to make sure the map is fun, detailed, and efficient.

    Feedbacks, questions, sharing some ideas are all welcome

    I'm providing the link to the demo here too since some features aren't in the video.
    Credits to the Community Ocean Project and voxel plugin. With them, I was able to get this done in a month.

    Download Demo(809mb)
    My Website
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    Wow, love the video. Those shots with all of the objects spawning in are great!
    Check out our most recent work!


      Thank you TheAwesomeTh3ory , the shots took some preparation because otherwise things might spawn right at the front of the camera

      The original video isn't showing the map types, so I attach some screenshots showing that everyone can generate different types of map in the demo.
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        What a brilliant piece of work! Are you planning to go further with it?