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    [GAME] Izaki: Student Game Project

    Hi! Before I expose in detail everything about Izaki I’m going to start by apologizing, in the first place because English is not my main language, so some parts of this text may be a bit hard to understand, and in second place because this is going to be a huge wall of text (I’ll do my best to organize it so that you can easily find whatever you are interested in).

    To the point. I want to share with the community what I’ve been working on this past months and, though is not common, (at least from what I’ve seen in other WIP game threads) talk a little about the background of the game world and its characters.

    Introduction: What the heck is “Izaki”?


    Story details




    Gameplay features




    That’s all for now! If you have any questions/observations, I’ll be glad to listen and eager to receive feedback. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to share with you some gameplay. The journey has just begun after all.

    The art style, though simple, is very clean and easy to look at. Pretty cool that you've been doing this all yourself! I've also been refraining my using assets that I don't know to make for myself. It's a challenge for sure, but it definitely makes your game look unique and as you said, helps to build experience in other areas.

    If I had to nitpick, I'd suggest slightly altering some of the characters' faces. The hair and clothes do a pretty good job distinguishing them already, but maybe a few more variations of eye and head shapes could be helpful in telling them apart and showing their personalities off.
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      Yeah, I need more texture variety for the different expressions. I also need to update the HUD so that it changes the image depending on the mood the characters are when saying something. The same goes for the main character avatar, it should change depending on which elemental form he is in or if he is afflicted by some abnormal status.

      Right now I'm focusing more on gameplay stuff with special attacks and enemy behaviour, but I'll do it eventually.