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Gym Simulator | First Person Immersive RPG

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    [GAME] Gym Simulator | First Person Immersive RPG


    Steam Store Page

    The first ever Gym Simulator
    Extremely realistic fisrt person RPG, featuring detailed diet, anabolics, immersive first person gym hardware interaction.
    Have a daily/weekky/monthly workout diary, weight change graphs, strengh change graphs
    Fat foods, low carb foods, high carb, high protein, low protein - all will impact your musle grow. This is an extremely detailed and realistic system that even includes traumas, sleep affecting the muscle growth, and the muscle growth will be dynamic.
    Buy protein powder, creatine, etc
    Talk with hot chicks and try to get laid if you are hot enough

    Revenue splitting:
    The rate(credits) of each completed task will be established depending on the number of tasks available.
    Depending on the complexity of a task, this number will be multiplied by the complexity modifier.
    Credits will be exchanged for interest on sales, or in some cases for direct money transfer (if you have agreed to purchase an asset pack for the assignment, you will be reimbursed up to 40% of the cost, depending on the re-usability of the pack).
    Maximum share in the project: 40% of sales after the commissions and taxes. Don't forget the exciting feel of working in a team, it's priceless!

    Project develoment methodology: Agile

    People needed:
    • 3d modeller
    • Animator
    • Character artist

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