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THE BOUNDS (Project Louisiana). Horror point'n'click with VR options.

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    I like it!
    Finished projects:

    Speedrun: The Game


      We are working on the second part of the level.

      This room is much bigger, ands there will be a puzzle with big machinery. Can't wait to put the model in it.

      Really pumped about this second level!

      See you soon!


        Working hard to bring this second level to life!

        See you soon!


          Some music this today.

          The Bounds Main Theme by the amazing Sam Oz. His bandcamp : His twitter :

          See you really soon this time!


            We are working really hard on the main puzzle of the 2nd level... So much work to do!

            See you soon


              The Second level is almost complete. Now we have to get to the last puzzle! The HUD is created, our programmer will code this after a christmass break! Everyone can get some rest.

              We'll see you in january, for the last part of the development!

              Cheers, guys!


                Happy new year

                We hope 2019 will be great for you.

                See you really soon with updates to The Bounds and Project Louisiana.


                  It has been a REALLy long time...

                  But we are working like crazy!

                  A glimpse of the demo. 2 full levels, and 2 epilogues depending of your choices during playthrough.1,5 to 2 hours long. To be released ASAP!

                  See you soon!



                    We are really close to the release day, just struggling hard with the translation (the game deals with slavery period and the letters from those days are awfull to translate, I don't have that kind of language ...)...

                    See you soon!


                      We are officialy in debugging phase.

                      I will have a release window soon.


                        Let's put a gif!

                        Visuals are 99% def. Debugging is on. The final build is near!



                          The Bounds (project louisiana) will release in a couple of week / late May.

                          Hope you'll play it and enjoy.

                          I'll keep you in touch.


                            Hey all!

                            We are testing the last build and trying to see if the size limit on can be turned off, and the game will released.

                            French only for now.

                            Stay tuned in the upcoming days!


                              There we are the Bounds is up on itchio . French build only for now.

                              Huge milestone for the team. 1 year of hard work. First released project.

                              I'll be back with a lot of thanks.


                                Ok everyone,

                                we managed to translate the all game. French build is more refined, but translation is ON, it really translates what we want to express, even if the style is a bit more familiar.

                                So here we are :
                                Click image for larger version  Name:	TheBounds_coverJuly.jpg Views:	1 Size:	200.4 KB ID:	1638665

                                The BOUNDS, english build, will release Wednesday, July 10th.

                                The itchio page will be updated, and you'll be able to DL the build and play the game. Hope you'll enjoy it, it was quite a journey, and I hope it's just the begining of Project Louisiana.


                                Pierre and all the build the light Team.