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Revulsion is a classic first person shooter rogue-lite available on steam early access.

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    So this update has quite a few changes and additions!

    Check out the game here on steam early access
    2/4 Starting levels have been fully arted out. Only 2 more starting maps to go!

    The easy mode helmet!

    Is the game just a bit too hard for you? Well, here is your chance to equip the easy helmet. It modifies the following things.
    • The helmet has godly stats in addition to being legendary at all times.
    • Once you put the helmet on your death counter will be forever replaced with an easy mode indicator.
    • You can never leave easy mode once you activate it even if you take the helmet off.
    • You will have to begin a new character to get out of easy mode.
    • You will gain 3x as much from armor regeneration.
    • All monsters will spawn 2 levels lower no matter what mission you run.
    • Limited lives mechanic will always be disabled even on Revulsion difficulty.
    • Easy mode helmet can be found at two different locations.
    At the very start of the game.

    Inside of sanctuary.

    Combat helmet and gatling laser are no longer available on Month reward loot case. Next month I will do something else so be ready for that!

    General gameplay tweaks and changes

    • Added a small amount of deceleration to character movement. Roughly equal to accerlation.
    • All enemies now have glowing eyes accept for a few mobs. Zombies have glowing brains.
    • Gem Transmutes should be much more common drops when doing trial battles.
    - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle


      Amazing job!

      I ran several solo projects myself but I've never went so far with one of them. It's really impressive and inspiring!

      I have several feedback (I've been browsing this thread and looking videos, haven't played the game). I'm a Game Designer myself and I love to write feedback. Take everything you read with a big "IMHO".

      - do you know 'Strafe' the game published by Devolver Digital? It's not exactly the same art style as you but it's tuned in a similar way

      - I love the Doom feeling!

      - as a player I'm not sure what type of game it is (after watching your videos / steam page): is it a roguelike (surely not since there is no random level generation yet?), is it a doom-like (it looks like it's not since you have tons of loot), okay so this is a borderlands-like (since there are a lot of rpg / hack and slash elements)? I don't want to put your game in a box but I think buyers need to know what they are going into exactly.

      - I know it might sound rude or out of place but I wanted to discuss about the price of your game. I think it's too expansive. I do not want to diminish your work at all, it's amazing what you've done. But I think the target audience for 'indie / single player / action / fps' is more willing to pay 5$ (maybe 10$ but that's expansive) for an indie game than 15$. I would say it is my marketing opinion. At 5$ 1 player out of 3 would buy it, at 15$ none of them would, that's still more $ in your pocket in the end of the day.

      - I loved the strafing animation / camera but I'm missing a little bit of aim offset on the gun (leaning right when I move my mouse left and vice versa)

      - Readability could be improved: I have trouble seeing enemies / projectiles / level routes. I understand the need for a dark mood but there are many ways to achieve this look while also increasing the overall lighting of the scene. Basically create more contrast: brighter areas / objects means gameplay and darker areas for less important stuff. This will increase overall lighting while improving readability by sharpening enemies' silhouettes. It's just one of the way you can improve the readability.

      - Enemy floating health bar are too tiny / the readability is not good enough. Their art style looks out of place. I can barely read the enemy names most of the time (but enemies die in second so this last point might not really be an issue). I've noticed there are combat floating texts but I'm having trouble reading them properly.

      - In your item tooltips / inventory / widgets overall, I feel like there is a lack of visual priority when it comes to texts / icons.
      For instance at the bottom of this image, on the weapon bar, you've done a pretty good job at showing first the name of the item (color / size switching).
      But on most other screenshots I feel like I don't know what to read first. I'd love to see high priority gameplay text being more visible than the rest of the text.

      The feedback is mostly negative but that's what feedback are for. I loved a lot of what I saw. I felt the love and dedication in your project and it gave me the will to check everything out.

      Once again, amazing job.

      Keep up the good work and GL HF!
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