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Revulsion is a classic first person shooter rogue-lite available on steam early access.

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    Originally posted by AlonzoCPO View Post
    This is really shaping up to be something quite awesome!
    HA! Wait until you see episode 2 when I get all Heretic / Hexen on you guys.
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    - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle



      Hell weapon variations of older guns are mostly just slightly different characteristics. Side grades essentially. However there is one thing that does make farming hell weapons valuable. I plan to have special super rare dual wielding versions of all the hell weapons. Dual wield weapons will be a lot more powerful to say the least.

      With that said you will also see that I am starting to now add some of the completely new weapon types. The crossbow will take the shotgun slot and is heavily inspired by the Heretic crossbow. The wands are pistol slot weapons that will fire piercing projectiles that do AOE damage.

      Stay tuned as there is more to come!
      - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle



        Revulsion already had something like 25 guns in Episode 1 but its already looking like Episode 2 will more than double the total guns. Also you may notice that there are melee weapons in the list. Each melee weapon will fire ranged projectiles. in some fashion. This is very much in the style of Heretic and Hexen. Also keep in mind that many of the weapons will have super rare dual wield variations.

        The one advantage that the melee weapons will have is that they wont become worthless if you run out of ammo like the other guns.

        The gauntlets will fire like shotguns. Even though you see one gauntlet you have two of them on screen. The death orb may look simple but its more or less like Zenyatta's left click.

        There are still a few more weapon types that I want to add to the game. After that I will begin on monsters.

        So one of the things about the monsters that I think I want to really define. I want them to get bigger and more deadly in general. I want the hell beast to be the new average sized enemy.
        - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle


          Woah... I loved Heretic, and I even time to time fire up some session - glorified visually by Doomsday Engine. This your project looks fun too!


            Originally posted by Thunder_Owl View Post
            Woah... I loved Heretic, and I even time to time fire up some session - glorified visually by Doomsday Engine. This your project looks fun too!
            Well, keep watching because the next bit of content is going much more in that direction for the look and feel.

            Revulsion Episode 2 progress, new Monsters, new weapons, more info!

            These guys are void bombers. Void bombers are super nasty fast moving mobs that have nasty volley attacks. They can jump high into the air then rain down explosive attacks from above. These enemy's pack a punch and they can reach you even in hard to get to areas.

            This guy is called a Gelatinous. It might be kind of difficult to see what these guys will look like in game. These guys are more like environmental dangers. In the center of a Gelatinous is its eye which will always be watching you as you get near them. These large slime cubes do not attack directly but they do move in predictable patterns. If you come in contact with one of these it will burn through your health like acid. If you destroy the eye in the center then the cube will die

            There is a lava variation of these cubes as well and those will mostly behave the same way except the eye will actually attack you by lobbing fireballs at you.

            If used cleverly these enemies can be used as a way to navigate spaces in interesting ways.

            The deathbow is the higher quality variation of the crossbow.

            A pickaxe that does increased damage against environmental objects. Some locations in episode 2 will have locations that require you to dig to find secrets and shortcuts. Having one of these can come in handy for that.

            A standard Rivet gun to pierce through enemy armor.

            A seemingly useless wooden sword. Its possible that if you leave this sword in a specific location you will be able to obtain the mighty rune sword.

            A flame thrower is an effective AOE weapon for large groups of enemies at close range.

            So my general thoughts on episode 2 is that I may almost entirely phase out the small enemy types completely. The enemy types you will face will get bigger and more complex. So far the enemy types that I have planned around are
            • Void Bomber
              Shown above
            • Gelatinous (Acid and lava)
              Shown above
            • Death reaper
              A large cultist in a hood who can summon spinning scythes in the air around him that you have to dodge.
            • Hell Wraith
              A large cultist in a hood who rushes at you with a gigantic warhammer.
            • Abomination
              Very large, very fat, carries two very large weapons that fire like crazy.

            I may still be ready to add more, but these are the main enemy types I have in mind so far.

            As far as weapons, Episode 2 is poised to way more than double the total possible weapons you can obtain in the game. I also plan to have new armor types as well. Once I get the base enemy type models setup I will be able to begin building the new levels.

            A direct link to Revulsion game on Steam early access.
            - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle


              Added to Steam wishlist and following, for now ;-)


                • Cultist Wraith
                  These guys are heavily armored and use a giant war hammer to smash your face in. They will run at you relentlessly.

                • Cultist Reaper
                  These guys have a few different attacks using their magical scythe weapon. They have the ability to do standard ranged attacks in addition to having the ability to summon spinning scythes that move in predictable patterns. When one of these guys is alive on the battlefield you will be constantly dodging these spinning blades.

                • Cultist Wizard
                  Highly inspired by the wizards often found in oldschool Zelda games. These guys like to teleport to different locations before unleashing devastating magical attacks. These enemies are also dangerous as they are able to cast healing abilities on other enemies in the area. If one of these guys appears you absolutely must kill him first.

                - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle



                  These guys are slow moving tanks that fire double machineguns and rocket launchers. They can rip through your health very quickly if you let them. You have to wear them down as they have massive health pools. They are the only enemy type that will drop an ammo box when they are killed.

                  Episode 2 is poised to have a total of 6 new enemy types!
                  - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle


                    Your voxel art is crazy good man haha Loving it!
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                      Positively familiar things there! (it's a good thing)



                        I am now prepping to begin doing more environment art prototype work for episode 2. The above images show new blockmesh blueprints that I will be using to get new gameplay areas in a functional state. I am feeling a lot more comfortable now with what I will need to do to quickly build all kinds of new and fun combat areas and these blueprints will make it even faster and easier.

                        One thing I have noticed recently is that I have become increasingly comfortable with doing pixel art. Its probably a bit more noticeable on the new monster types I am working on as well. I am hoping that the transition in my increase in personal skill is not too noticeable.

                        I want to get super good with voxel art so that I can create my own style for when I do my own games. I want to see if I can get away from the minecraft look and get closer to a retro look. If its at all possible I want the new areas to be a mix of Heretic / Hexen and 8 bit Castlevania.
                        - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle



                          New monsters are intimidatingly large and they will be tougher to take down too. With that said I will be adding the ability to do head shots or hit weak points on mobs in the next patch as well. The new enemy types will all basically be mini boss difficulty mobs, but that doesn't mean you wont be running into multiple of them at a time. At this in the game I will be placing greater expectations on the player to understand how to handle different combat situations.

                          Each of the mobs displayed will be quite capable of cutting the player down after 1 or 2 simple mistakes during a fight. And the fights will be roughly 50% longer. I also want to have special boss variations of these mobs that are full blown staged boss fights similar to Orgrimgor.

                          The new guns are being added in now as well. I have to do more work on the melee weapons however as they came out at the wrong scale and are a bit under detailed. I should have them in place tonight. The plan is to get as much into the game engine as possible before I begin setting up the bones and rigs for the character models.

                          Its going to take me roughly mostly of February to get all of the new guns, armor sets, and monster AI in a functional state. In that time I also intend to have at least one full level blocked out as well.

                          I am going to be working my *** off next month!
                          - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle


                            Many new fairly big gameplay changes and updates!
                            • Stationary turret now properly ejects brass when it fires its weapon.
                            • Can no longer switch weapons while aim down sight is active. (Prevents wrong zoom distance bug)
                            • Text on various tutorial video screens have been updated to reflect recent gameplay changes.
                            • Vending machines now increase their price for miscellaneous services.

                              The price increases every time you use a service. The price increase resets whenever you die, travel between zones or activate a fast travel node.
                            • Locational damage!

                              example : When shooting enemies in the head you will deal 25% critical damage. Damage number will be yellow with an exclamation point.
                            • Action point recovery has been removed from ammo boxes.
                            • A new Action point recovery world pickup has been introduced.

                              Viles provide 25% of Base max AP

                            Various small tweaks and changes in general.

                            Episode 2 news...
                            • Episode two now has functional jump pads.

                            I want to have keys and door style functionality for Episode 2. This functionality will have the player searching for special objects that can be used to unlock doors and open paths. It wont just necessarily be keys. It can also be specific artifacts. These artifacts will likely not be inventory items. I am planning to make them function differently. The artifacts will begin to follow the player around once the player moves close enough to them. All the player has to do is survive the trip back to the location where the item can be used.

                            I will probably be spending most of this month just getting all of the new guns and monsters in a functional state, hopefully with animations ect. I will keep you guys updated, I am also due to make another Dtube dev blog as well.
                            - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle


                              Looking great!
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                                Big update the entire Damage system in Revulsion. All weapons armor and enemy types now have elemental effects.
                                • Undead / Zombies
                                  Fire based weapons are best vs undead and zombies. Fire and lightning deal 50% increased damage while poison and ice are cut in half.
                                  Fire : +50%
                                  Poison : -50%
                                  Ice : -50%
                                  Lightning : +50%
                                • Hell Beasts / Demons / Arcana
                                  Hell beasts are strong vs fire and lightning. Demons are weak vs poison damage. Ice based weapons do normal damage vs demons as well. Hell beasts toss green balls that now deal poison damage. so be ready for that.
                                  Fire : -50%
                                  Poison : +50%
                                  Ice : No difference
                                  Lightning : -50%
                                • Machines / Robots / Objects
                                  Lightning based weapons are best for destroying armor. Various enemy types now have armor.
                                  Fire : -75%
                                  Poison : No effect
                                  Ice : -75%
                                  Lightning : +50%

                                Note : There is a small chance that a target will suffer a negative status effect when taking elemental damage. These status effects do not stack.

                                Fire : Burns for 8 seconds for moderate damage over time
                                Poison : 8 seconds of poison damage
                                Ice : 8 seconds of freezing damage while movement is slowed
                                Lightning : Armor takes much higher damage percentage

                                You can view your elemental resistance on the equipment menu tab.

                                Weapon and armor tool tips now display elemental affiliation.

                                4 new armor sets have been added to the game. These new armor sets are based around the new elemental resistance system.

                                Damage text has been improved to make it more clear when you deal critical damage from head shots on enemies.

                                Up next will be jump mods!
                                - Russell Meakim AKA The Castle