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    Been making the Lords house for the past few days, managed to finish the LP of more of less the whole building, and started texturing the bottom floor. Been sculpting some HPs as well (: Most things are placeholders for now and ill get round to replacing it all with the final assets!


      After feedback I made some more head improvements. I had trouble making sure he didn't look too brutish so made sure I didn't make the head too square. I've been retopping everything and I changed up the sword again and also moved in some of the cloth at the sides of the body.

      Here's the wireframe. He's around 80k tris. (Head was done in Wrap3. All the geo is there for a face rig.)


        Heres the Beta (: Still got a lot to do but we're getting there!


          Here is the textured main character. Crit welcome!

          There's also a Marmoset Viewer link here: https://www.artstati...m/artwork/yLoZ9


            I have been really terrible about keeping my stuff updated on here. Things got hectic with the doing the dissertation. I have now, after lots of revision and help from Ali, managed to get that Assassins Creed style pushing aside the NPCs. I've used ray tracing to detect the proximity to the player as it is much less resource heavy than using box triggers however I think the animation still needs some work as it's triggering a little slow right now. I also still have to do the animation for the player pushing them but I don't yet have the rig of the player character. It's difficult to get a gif that properly shows it but you can kinda see it here. I will be much more obvious in the final video.

            Aside from that, I have been animating other miscellaneous things. I have a dice game in the scene now and the merchant selling his stuff in the stalls. Along with a sweep, an updated scrub and a guy checking things off a clipboard. Some of these animations are a little longer and as I can only capture 7 second gifs I can't show you the whole thing but you get the gist. I've had to knock these out quite fast so they're a little rough around the edges but feedback is always welcome.

            Also apologies for the lag but my computer is slowly dying and can't really handle this project anymore. I am getting a new one next week.



              I have got the main character in the scene but he needed a few tweaks after seeing him from the third person view. I have flipped some on the more interesting visuals onto the right and have changed the colours a bit to make him contrast the environment.

              This is roughly what we are looking at for the third person camera.


                astonishing work


                  This is looking awesome



                    I've been working on animations for the player character. So far I have a walk and jog which I'm pretty happy with but I think the jog still needs some work. Some advice on how to make it look better would be great. There is clipping but this is the first version of the rig so skinning needs to be fixed.


                      The Resistance final!

                      This is the final version of The Resistance! It’s been an incredibly long journey to get here but it’s finally finished and we're really happy with how its turned out. There’s a few things in the video that we're not quite happy with, but it'll do (:

                      We have decided we won't be improving it any further. The main purpose of doing this project, apart from completing our degrees, was getting a job in the games industry. 3/4 members of the team have got AAA game studio jobs, so we don’t feel the need to keep working on the project. (and also we're shattered and really need sleep)

                      Thank you to everyone who was involved in the project and helped out along the way!

                      Also, a huge thank you to all the people reading our posts throughout the year on the project and offered crit and advice!

                      We'll be writing one more 80 level article and an article the rookies have asked us to write, so keep an eye out for that!

                      For now, that’s me and the team done!! (:

                      All the best! (: