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(WIP) Progressive Evolutionary Game, Assistance Needed (models, graphics)

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    [GAME] (WIP) Progressive Evolutionary Game, Assistance Needed (models, graphics)

    Hey there forum!

    My name is Ryan and I have recently begun my journey of development with Unreal Engine 4. After making my transition from C# and JS inside of Unity, I chose to take some time to experiment and truly understand the application of Unreal Engine 4.

    Since, I've been developing ideas for a small solo game for PC and Mac.

    The idea starts as this...
    You begin in a small limited world, surrounded only by vegetation and some water. From this you must begin to make basic tools and build shelter (as many progression games begin) however from here, you find a form of magic in the world. When you combine various pieces of equipment and resources together they form greater things, for example a piece of grass and some water will form a seed from which you grow food. This begins your evolutionary progress.

    Throughout forming this tree, you produce larger and more useful things. There is no end game idea yet, however it'll possibly be global warming issues etc. The world is expandable as time goes on and you must maintain certain things such as hunger, stamina and oxygen levels, vitals etc.

    The game can be completed over time by myself however I have no experience in 3D modelling and true Animation. If anybody could assist in creating simple models for me and animations for the character etc, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Please contact me at

    Thanks! Ryan.