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  • New game [Pre Alpha]

    Mankind Reborn is a first- and third-person sci-fi MMORPG set in a dark cyberpunk future where life is cheap and corporations fight for power and resources on Earth and the far Frontier. Eight player run factions compete in the political and economic arenas. The proud defenders of the Terran Union the Terran Defense Corps and Civil Protection Commission struggle to contain the tide of lawlessness and to protect humanity from the mysterious Xenos threat. Corporations beyond compare North Star Mining, Avalon Enterprises and the Oda Zaibatsu follow the only line that really matters, the bottom line. Deviants, anarchists and mercenaries the Syndicate, the Followers of Eternity and the Mercenary Affinity Group work from the shadows, preying on citizen and corporation alike, some seeking to collapse the Union others to make a quick buck. Choose your path, follow your destiny, earn your place among mankind reborn...

    This is yesterday test, it was fun combat and ganking.

    I'm not the Owner of any of this informations or the Developer of the game.