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Test calculation of light

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  • [SCENE] Test calculation of light

    I want to share my new job.
    The video shows the first test calculation of light, performed at low settings Lighting Quality.

    Lighting Level Scale 0.2
    Num Indirect Lighting Bounces 4
    Indirect Lighting Quality 6.0
    Indirect Lighting Smoothness 1.8
    Environment Intensity 4.0
    The lightmap model is installed in 1024

    What other settings can be made to improve the quality before installing LightingQuality: Production
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    There is no need to make lighting level scale to such a lower value. Even for the final scene 0.75 is more than enough. And during the development 1 is a good solution.
    If you increased Indirect Lighting Quality, it would be better to set Indirect Lighting Smoothness to something like 0.75
    It's probably a good idea is to not change environment intensity and play with lights directly or with post-process volume (auto-exposure).
    Lightmaps are too big. During the development, it would be better to set them to 64 and turn off "Compress Lightmass" checkbox (it will drastically improve the quality, probably result will be better than with 1024 lightmaps with compression). For production 256 is enough if you have a proper custom UV channel for lightmaps (the key is to snap everything to the grid). Lower values of lightmaps and lighting level scale will probably give you the possibility to build such scene in a production level quality faster than in a lower level quality with your current settings.
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