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    Excellent! That looks very promising, great work. I would add that Unity has recently added a Sorting Group functionality, which allows one object's entire hierarchy to pass over/under another, even if they share sorting layers and orders that would otherwise shuffle their parts together. See here for more detailed explanation with pictures:

    Originally posted by Structure View Post
    Interesting, are you talking about frame by frame sprite animation here or 2d skeletal?
    For my use case, it was frame by frame. I had a sprite sheet animation of a dude climbing up a ledge and I needed an elegant and seamless way to transition the player character up the ledge with the animation. I don't remember exactly what I tried, but I wasn't able to get a good solution for all my 2D cinematic needs so I switched to Unity which allowed me to create a frame by frame animation with associated transform changes per frame. The root motion in Unity was still not working as intended, but I was able to get something I could work with.
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      Here is another motivational bump!


        Keep up the great work! looking forward to the results.
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          Originally posted by dbInteractive View Post
          For my use case, it was frame by frame.
          Ah, I see what you mean now. Yes I've hit this issue in the past and I'm not sure there is a perfect solution. Root motion is something I'd like to consider for skeletal animation, so let me have a think about what we can also do for frame by frame stuff.
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            Hi everyone, I was a little ill last week so I only had a couple of days to work on the plugin.

            I have spent that time investigating possible options to fully integrate Box2D for 'real' 2D physics support. I can see in the engine source that Paper2D made some headway on this, but has also hit a few issues due to the differences between how box2d works and what is required for the Unreal physics interface. Reading around the forums a little has highlighted that box2d will also need some extension work itself to fully fill out the Unreal physics interface requirements and that I would need to do all this via pull requests to continue that integration further.

            This lead to me making a quick prototype to see if we could just have Box2D running as a completely separate 2D physics world, with its own set of custom components. This way I can fully expose everything box2d has to offer without having to shoehorn it into the current Unreal physics interface.

            Here I have setup some Actors that each have a ScissorSprite, ScissorPhysicsBody and ScissorPhysicsPolygon components. Like the renderer side, you have to add a ScissorPhysicsWorld to your level that the components can register and set themselves up with.

            As a quick test this approach does seem like a promising direction, but the downside will be any other system outside of Scissor land will not have access to the physics as it expects. This means that things like the character controller etc will not work out of the box. But it is my intention to include a more platformer orientated controller that can take advantage of everything Scissor2D has to offer anyway, so it may be fine.

            I have one final area I want to explore before I start to go back and work on everything property and that is what we can do to make the viewport better for 2D work. Ideally I would like a real 2D mode that can support perspective cameras properly while having a good interface to move the world around and edit things in view.

            Investigations ahoy!
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              Nice! great job Good luck.
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                Thanks for explaining your process and considerations. It's very interesting, and I hope to learn from your implementations if/when source code becomes available. I'm very good at Unity C#, and I'm trying to learn Unreal C++ which seems to be taking more time to really click for me than Unity did.

                Anyways thanks for the update, and great work!


                  Man, I will only say the following.
                  If you start selling this solution and already works better than paper2d on the span of June to July. I would buy it immediately. I have a budget for critical tools on our company and this fits the definition pretty well.

                  So , you have my support, and if you start selling it please send me an IM asap.
                  Good luck


                    Must... have... another... update...


                      Hi everyone! thanks for your patience.

                      I've been digging into what I can do to customize the editor for 2D work via plugins. There isn't a huge amount of documentation for this kinda thing other than looking into the engine source to see how other things have been implemented, so everything has been a little slow going.

                      But my investigations have proved fruitful, here I have made a little prototype of a possible "2D Mode" for the perspective camera, that takes over the scene view perspective controls and fixes the rotation down the Y axis and also gives drag scene controls like the orthographic view.

                      There is a lot I can do with different editor modes, and it will be my intention to make a Tilmap & 2D Landscape modes that can be accessed similarly to the current 3D Landscape mode. Each of these will have a set of tools that lets you edit the scene directly in the scene view instead of a separate asset viewer as Paper2D does now.

                      This work brings my initial prototyping to an end, the next step is to make a more detailed production plan for all the features I want to cover and then we should be able to get a better view on a future release schedule. As always if you have any requests or ideas you'd like to see, please do let me know
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                        Super excited and I love that 2D button at the top of the screen


                          Great work! Thanks for the update, really exciting stuff.

                          I don't think it's been mentioned specifically, but with regard to tilemaps and layers: What do you think about a configurable parallax rate for orthographic layers that you can set per layer, which is tied to camera movement, and preview-able within the 2D editor view?


                            Fully supporting this.

                            Go get'em tiger!
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                              Originally posted by dbInteractive View Post
                              What do you think about a configurable parallax rate for orthographic layers ?
                              Yes i can see that being very useful. I need to have a think about adding it to the layer itself or as a helper component you can add somehow. either way I'll add it to the list!
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                                I am currently planning out how the integrated texture atlasing will work and I have a poll running over here for some feedback:


                                If you could fill it out with your ideas, that would be grand
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