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2D Time Management Game Cargo Capitalist

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  • 2D Time Management Game Cargo Capitalist

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a 2D time management game called Cargo Venture.

    In the game, you can:

    -Ship Cargo and People to hundreds of locations all over the world and earn money and XP
    -Find Vehicle Parts and craft over 100+ vehicles from 4 different categories: Cars, Boats, Planes and Trains
    -Buy or rent new vehicles
    -Upgrade vehicles to give them better fuel range, more fuel, more cargo/passenger capacity and more
    -Perform maintenance on vehicles to keep them in top working order
    -Complete over 90+ missions
    -Earn Achievements

    The game is close to being done Programming wise, but has a long way to go Art wise.

    I want to make the game as fun as it can be for a game of this type and I think i'll get there in time. Here is a video of the most current Alpha version we have done, Alpha 1.15:

    As you can see we have a LOT of work to do on the UI and art. Those will come once the mechanics and programming aspect are all done.
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    UPDATE: 7/22/2017 - Version 1.39 Beta

    Hey everyone just wanted to make a quick update saying that we are still working on the game, still tweaking and bug fixing, getting really close to the end of the programming stage.

    UPDATE: 6/3/2017 - Version 1.32 Beta

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to give an update since its been a while, there haven't been many new features. We've mainly been focusing on polishing and bug fixing. I'd like to try and make a new video soon on the new features, this build is pretty stable for the most part.

    UPDATE: 4/27/2017 - Version 1.22 Beta

    -Added routes mechanic for boats and cars and trains
    -Vehicles now use a slot based cargo system as weight was a little difficult to properly balance, also it didnt really serve a purpose.
    -Made Bug Fixes and improvements

    We are currently doing bug fixes and changes right now.

    Here is a screenshot of the routes editor for boats cars and trains:

    UPDATE: 4/18/2017 - Version 1.20 Alpha

    -Added Weather system, now cities are affected by weather and this can delay vehicles from entering/leaving cities.
    -Vehicles stats now depend on vehicles parts, so an engine that has 150 speed will make that vehicle go 150 mph.
    -A vehicles worth is now determined by the sum of the value of all its parts.
    -More to come!

    UPDATE: 4/12/2017 - Version 1.18 Alpha

    -Added random crates that appear on transit screens, clicking these will add them to your inventory and you can open them with money. The crates will give you random money, XP and/or fuel tank fuel.
    -Added Employees. All vehicles need Drivers/pilots etc and crew, you can hire them from the administration menu.
    -All vehicles have a repair history.

    UPDATE: 4/5/2017 - Version 1.16 Alpha

    -Changed game name to Cargo Venture, this should be the last name change. It sounds better than Cargo Capitalist.
    -Made a lot of changes and some bug fixes.
    -The changes and bug fixes created some new bugs.

    UPDATE: 4/1/2017 - Version 1.15 Alpha

    -Infinite Upgrade System implemented - You can now find upgrade chips in cargo that will upgrade your vehicle. These upgrades add 0.1 to 0.3% each time you use one to stats like fuel capacity, fuel range and top speed. Some will provide better upgrades than others.
    -Notification system implemented - player will be notified of vehicle arrivals, mission completions, new cargo and new fuel prices.
    -Event System - The event system will allow you to earn money, vehicle parts, upgrade chips, Rare Vehicles and other rewards by completing them. These events can last anywhere from an hour to 1 day and the player will be rewarded when complete. (This is subject to change)

    We will add these things next:

    -Weather system

    I will try to make a new video soon.

    UPDATE: 3/26/2017 - Version 1.14 Alpha

    -We have implemented Missions system, missions are now working.
    -We implemented Vehicle parts system and vehicle crafting. Some vehicles can only be crafted. All vehicles have parts that deteriorate over time and must be fixed or replaced. You can find new parts that have random stats as well. Some parts can only be found randomly in cargo or by completing events and missions.
    -We implemented Background Music
    -Implemented Vehicle retiring, you can remove vehicles from active service if you no longer use them. You can place them in your inventory and use them for spare parts or sell them. They can be re-circulated at any time.
    -Added Vehicle parts market, currently cannot buy parts.
    -Re worked Market screen for better navigation and layout in general.
    -Added Headquarters. Players can now choose any city in the world upon starting a new game as their HQ. This will give certain bonuses in the future but for now does nothing.
    -Can name their business

    We plan on adding these things in the future:

    -Infinite upgrade system. You can find upgrade chips that will add stats to vehicles to make them better, such as increased fuel range, speed, cargo weight capacity, passenger capacity etc.
    -Notification system. This will notify you when vehicles are done upgrading, arriving at destination, events and more.
    -A few more things that im unsure of at the moment.
    -Achievement System
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      I love the idea! Looks like it is coming along nicely


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        Hi, Thank you! we should be wrapping up the features within the next few weeks, and then its just bug testing and polishing, but we still need art and sound effects so it probably wont be released for another 5 months or so unfortunately.


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          New update.


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            I just want to make a post saying the game is still in development. Slowly but surely the game is being worked on. I am looking for someone to do some temporary art for the game. Since it would be temporary, I wouldn't be able to pay you, so if you just want some practice working on a game project, I could offer you that. If your work is really good though we might be able to work something out. I also need some temporary sound effects as well. If interested, please contact me at: to apply with: Cargo Venture - "Position your applying for" in the title.