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TPS Cover System With A.I And Multiplayer and Weapon System !!!

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    [ASSETS] TPS Cover System With A.I And Multiplayer and Weapon System !!!

    Hey Guys

    Update : It's Live Now On The Marketplace Link : !!!

    so i just wanted to share with you my first project

    and since this is my first project i want you impression what you think about it ? (your feedback very important)

    and i wanna ask question do you want to see this on sell (not selling the animations of course because they belong to kubold if you have the animations already you are good to go if not buy Cover Animset pro and Rifle Animset pro and you will be good to go )

    waiting your feedback and thanks for watching in advance

    Update : so many people request to add AI using that cover system so i make it happen

    Lemme Know in the comments what you think

    Update 2 : The Demo video is out now check it to know how things work

    Update 3 : The assets approved on the marketplace will be getting release date soon
    Yes !!!
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    Really Nice Bro, keep it Up and make a full game out of it


      Just a couple of question that other users could have

      -How are you interacting with walls/cover spots?
      -Are they simple meshes or actors with some logic?
      -Where is the logic that manage the cover?
      -Are you planning to make that AI to take cover too? if not, the system allows/its mean, to implement the AI cover.
      -Is this a plugin or BP only?
      -If you have a price tag in mind, you could post it and ask for feedback.

      The system looks nice, good job!
      pd: Excuse my English.


        Thanks for the reply

        i will answer all questions one by one

        1-there is a box collision around the cover areas that you can place whenever you want if the character collide with it you can take cover
        2-my character using multi sphere traces to determine what cover what kind of cover ..etc
        3-as i said there is a box collision which will tell where is the cover and even what angle to lock the animations on
        4-yea i'm planning on that and once i do it i will update the video
        5-it's made %100 in blueprint not c++ no plugins what so ever so you have full control on it and everyday i'm making it simpler and simpler as much as possible
        6-i really have no idea for now because i'm not gonna sell it unless people hyped over the system (this is made for my game it just i wanna make some cash along the way xD)

        thanks you

        and on my to-do list in the future i think i will add blind cover shooting (shooting without aiming like gears of war)


          if i get enough yes this will be in the marketplace


            It looks amazing so far, I would definitely buy this


              oh thank you so much i would ask if anyone has any kind of suggestions improvements to the cover system

              go on and let's talk about them


                Looks neat. I started putting work on something similar a few months back but my current project doesn't really require it, so I've not progressed on it that much. Yours looks much better.

                I would potentially be interested in a cover system from the marketplace. Most important for me would be making sure it's all multiplayer ready and that AI can make use of it effectively. One further idea would be to allow rolls or jumps from one set of cover to another, similar to what you see in games like deus ex human revolution.
                On the forum, Kev will do.



                  thanks for the feedback i will try to make the AI make use of the cover and i'm sure it won't be hard and my project will need this kinda of thing anyway xD

                  regarding the rolls or jumps from cover to another is really a good idea i will take that in consideration

                  edit : regarding the multiplayer i'm a total noob in multiplayer i start learning unreal two months ago i want to start my game single player it first and then implement multiplayer when
                  learn how to actually do that xD so it might not be there at launch but mostly likely it will be there after i learn on multiplayer
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                    I'm making a sort of TPS prototype myself, and, may I ask that when you eventually do add AI, can you add some sort of Faction or Team system? I am having some trouble having multi-targeting applied to AI so that they fight against one another properly! AI is always a big plus for me in any package IMHO.


                      i did not make such a system before but once i add the AI i will keep you updated about that
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                        Update : working on AI using the Cover i will post pictures here when i done it


                          Super! Waiting for release on marketplace!


                            Yes, do want!


                              This is awesome! I'd love to buy that too