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Anyone want to buy morpg or morpg kit?

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    [GAME] Anyone want to buy morpg or morpg kit?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm working on multiplayer online role playing game.

    Finished Systems
    Character System
    Item System(About 13 item set more than 130 items with cloth cloak)
    Equipment and Inventory System
    UI System
    Guild System
    Social System
    Chatting System(All, Trade, Guild, Private, Shout)
    Spell System
    Title System
    Classes and Spells(There are 4 class - 10 subclass and more than 200 spell, FXs and icons are ready)
    Localization System(Supported About 13 languages now withouth quests and dialogs because these are not ready now)

    Working ON
    Minimap System
    Guard Towers

    In Will
    Trading System
    Teleportation Sytstem
    Mount System
    Dialogue and Quest System
    Quest, Achievement Sytstems & Statistics
    Profession Sytstem
    Trap Sytstem
    Siege Sytstem
    Instancing & Dungeon Sytstem (Instance Server is ready I will implement functions to game only)
    Event System
    Help System

    NOTE : Everthing working on server side and used varest for working with account server and save to database.

    I will sell this project to 1 person only.
    Price : 10000$

    If anyone interest, let me send message please. Have a nice days ...
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    need pics then we can see


      If anyone want let me say with pm I don't want to share pic here. Thanks a lot ... I will sell this project to 1 person only


        Price Updated ...