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Explore 3D fractals with a Dragon

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    [GAME] Explore 3D fractals with a Dragon

    Trying to insert 3d Fractals into an UE4 scene. Here is the result till now.
    The glass sphere color tells you where is located the next fractal far, yellow near, green ok...when green click and jump to that fractal location.
    Due to the amount of HDisk memory needed....the initial experiment of animating the fractals failed....the best solution found actually is this in the video: keep the fractal still and jump from one fractal scene to another.

    In the video there are 3 fractals examples, generated with Mandelbulb3D.

    Video present on site.
    Hope you enjoy.

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    That is really cool and the performance doesn't look to bad on this end.
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      Once rendered in manderbulb, the scene is very fast.
      I'm testing it also on Oculus Rift to see how it looks realistic!


        Hi, this is really cool! I'm curious about what you are actually doing here though...

        Have you converted this to geometry or is it like a 360 degree image? It doesn't look like the dragon moves in the environment. I guess my question is can you actually explore this environment or are you just in a static position where you can look around? Its quite hard to make out from the video


          Hi, as far as I know it's impossible to convert these detailed fractals to simple polygons...I've tried in the past but results are bad...check this gold fractals star loose the magic of infinite fractal pictures. And consider this is a simple fractal scene.
          Click image for larger version

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          What I do is to really explore a 3d fractal inside mandelbulb and generate all the images of the exploration. After that I map the rendered images on skysphere via a blueprint logic. The dragon can move inside the skysphere in a limited cube space (big enough to create enemies and so on). So let's say that you can explore what has been pre-explored in mandelbulb.

          As is today I have reached this result but I'm going forward to reach a better realism and keep the goal:
          give the player the illusion he is in a fractal infinite scenario...which means giving the magic using some tricks.