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Star Wars Mos Eisley Space Port

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    [SCENE] Star Wars Mos Eisley Space Port

    Hey everyone, so me and my team just recently finished our Star Wars fan project. What started out as me just wanting to build a real-time Millennium Falcon, quickly spiraled into something much MUCH bigger once I brought on several friends and co-workers to help out. We ended up having a decently sized chunk of Mos Eisley, along with 3 docking bays, complete with the Falcon, an imperial shuttle and Tie Fighter escort, and a pair of X-Wings. There are a few hidden Easter eggs also. There is no gameplay, it's just an interactive environment that you can walk around in and visually enjoy everything. We have put it up on the internet for people to download and enjoy for themselves. We are planning on a VR version coming hopefully soon!!!

    For a more detailed break-down of out creation process, along with the download links to get the playable level, you can go here:

    we also have an earlier thread here on the UE4 forums, and another one on Polycount detailing this porject from early on.

    And here are a bunch of images of the final project. Take a look and let us know what you think - thanks everyone!

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    Except............. WOWWWWWWWWW!

    I dunno hat to say
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      I wish i was a good enough 3d modeler to make these kinds of models


        That is mind boggling! Incredible work!
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          i really hope ea doesn't come around and decides to down this btw such a great work !! even ign showed up
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            It's better than another star wars games xD


              Wow - how is it in VR?


                Nice Work!


                  Nice work guys, looks awsome


                    Wow! Incredible work! If EA doesn't hire your team for one of their licensed games, they're idiots :-P

                    I saw the interior of the falcon in one screenshot. Did you actually model and texture the complete cockpit, or even the complete interior?


                      How many years did this take? Im speechless
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                      Artwork thread


                        I just walked all the way around this (from what I could tell at least; I loved the hidden easter eggs, and hope I didn't miss any) - wonderful job and attention to detail, from art to SFX and music. Thank you for sharing this and all the hard work you and your team have put into it .


                          wow, thats amazing! Lucus would be proud. So much eye candy! I want to explore!
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                            Very impressive, great detail and beautiful lighting,
                            I agree with InsaneXade, we need an exe to explore! Please!
                            Portfolio Webpage



                              odd, I click play and it just freezes at the title screen, the animaton and sound is gone it's just highlighted play and that's it. Can't do anything else. Am I missing something? And it offically crashed and kicked up a crash report. Says ran out of memory but I have 12 gbs of ram so I find that unlikely unless there is a leak

                              The exe is above the images in the first link

                              Crash report:
                              MachineId: removed
                              EpicAccountId: removed

                              LowLevelFatalError [File: D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.12+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\GenericPlatform\GenericPlatformMemory.cpp] [Line: 143]
                              Ran out of memory allocating 1784807424 bytes with alignment 0

                              I even tried after a reboot. In theory it could be because I havent updated my graphics divers in over a year because they once blacked out my screens and wouldnt let me do anything at all. I'll make a rescue disk just in case and update it

                              Edit: I updated it to the newest and it still does it. Perhaps I need to put a new 3 monitor supported nivida card on my wish list

                              If this is a common problem with UE4 then I better solve it since I plan on using it to make my webcomic/scene with
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                              Handy tools.
                     Great 3D character creator within Blender.
                     a complete and free 3d modeling software
                     Best. Resource. Site. Ever!
                              For the record I am female. Contrary to popular belief there are lady Gamers and game makers.