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    [TOOL] [DOWNLOAD] Developer Tools for Unreal® Engine

    Hello fellow Unreal® developers!

    I want to introduce "Developer Tools for Unreal® Engine" to you.

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    Recently I had the idea to integrate my most used Unreal® Engine services into a simple app so I can access the Marketplace and other stuff on the Unreal® Engine homepage on my smartphone through an app rather than through a browser.

    Out of this basic idea I created Developer Tools for Unreal® Engine, and added a lot more services into the app like bitbucket, github, Google Play Developer Console and so on. This is the first version, do not expect to much from it. The next version will have complete material design made in Google Android Studio with a lot more features and API integrations.

    You can download it from Google Play at:



    A complete description you can find below!

    Please use this forum thread for any type of bug reports and also for any wishes for future integrations!

    The same app is also available for Unity 3D.

    THX and enjoy!



    Welcome to Developer Tools for Unreal® Engine! [[BETA]]

    Developer Tools for Unreal® Engine combines all developer-important parts of the official Unreal® Engine websites in one simple easy-to-navigate app.

    Access all your Unreal® Engine services and stuff from within the app, get rid of having to navigate inside the browser and focus on the important things only. You can access the following sites and services from within the app.

    Unreal® Engine Services:

    - Homepage
    - Dashboard
    - Forums
    - Marketplace
    - Blog
    - Documentation
    - Video Tutorials
    - Answerhub
    - Wiki
    - Unreal Engine Facebook Page
    - Unreal Engine YouTube Channel
    - Unreal Engine @Twitter

    Developer related sites and services:

    - GitHub
    - Bitbucket
    - SourceForge
    - Google Play Developer Console
    - Apple Developer Account
    - Amazon Appstore Developer
    - Google Search
    - Google Play Store
    - Envato Market Integration

    Legal Disclaimer: Developer Tools for Unreal® Engine is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Epic Games, Inc., Google Inc., Apple Inc., Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Bitbucket, SourceForge or Envato.

    Unreal, the circle-U logo and the Powered by Unreal Technology logo are trademarks or
    registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States and elsewhere.


    Beautiful app but the back button on android kills app.. so.should fix that... also some of the links wont allow you to return from unless you use your menu in upper left... is this just linking webpages... or you gonna code this app... no offence but I do love the info but please don't just link... ill take mental notes of links that don't allow return..

    Thanks for the app