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Bioshock in UE4 (School Demo)

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    Bioshock in UE4 (School Demo)

    Hey guys, here's a youtube link to the Demo my friend and I built for a School Project.
    As we've been tell, there is no better place than the Community to Critic and Comment on our Work.

    so here we go with Bioshock UE4 !!

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    Its a nice work but dont know what u tried to do with the camera haha im abit confused, i recomend to change it because (me) i cant apreciate all.

    PD: where u get that ue4 intro? :O i wld like to leech


      Very nice. But when I read "demo", I thought you will provide us with a "playable" one.


        Thanks for the comment, i should have used the Term " Cinematic" instead of "Demo".

        The main goal of the course was to build a whole scene in UE4. The scene is not playable. But i'm working on a Real "game" Which i programmed with blueprint. once its done, i'll provide you to that other project!

        By the way. The Unreal 4 Intro was provided by my teacher which he got links with unreal 4 employe. i'm pretty sure it can be found everywhere. but i'll check if i can put it on the forum!

        N.B.: sorry for my english.


          That is very nice. I hope you find the link. Merci.
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