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    don't worry all is figured


      I think they do not like furry creatures.

      Keep your exelente work.

      I'll subscribe this thread to bookmark this wonderful product

      This reminds me to wonderful things as
      Vivisector: Beast Within

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Vivisector_Creatures_of_Dr._Moreau.jpg
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        i like the fur very much considering its for my project that lready uses alot of features that skiw down even a gaming pc alot, so with this fur asset/material it really doesnt slow it down at all especially compared to that ****** nvidia hair works, good job and thank you.


          Originally posted by 3S Interactive View Post
          I suspect the monthly improvements in the engine cause the 'marketplace entry criteria bar' to get higher and higher
          and the curator has to make more critical decisions about what to accept.
          Do not worry. There is not entry bar. I bought really a lot of assets from there by now and in the end replaced almost everything by other assets from other sources. What they offer is at best BBB quality, with many flaws and bugs, done by some people at home in their free time. The marketplace guys also seem to be without proper 3D/Games background looking at what they waive through and what they reject. I have bought stuff from there that was really low quality.


            Thanks for the support guys!

            Non photo-realistic 'stylized' games and assets (look at mixamo characters!) are quite popular and those are the kind of games FauxFur is suited to, especially on mobile devices that can't handle heavier hair solutions.

            FauxFur simply offers an alternative/inexpensive solution that some find suitable for their chartacters without incurring a heavy FPS penalty.
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              Out of curiosity,

              I've noticed that most people only provide YouTube videos to demonstrate their work/products.

              As you may have noticed, I also took the time to provide several downloadable exes demonstrating FauxFur so people could see exactly what they are potentially buying in a more interactive way.

              I was wondering if I should continue providing exes for future products or whether people prefer to watch videos (for convenience?) and not particularly bothered about realtime demos.

              Let me know.


                you did a good job with the asset, I feel epic wont publish it because most people are clueless with 3ds max or most 3d modeling applications, but I love the asset because it doesn't cause a performance decrease, the realtime demos are good, videos also, maybe real-time demos on huge update and videos on all? up to you


                  Originally posted by emirh2010 View Post
                  maybe real-time demos on huge update and videos on all? up to you
                  Noted. Thanks!
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