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Project Identity: Prison Video

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    Project Identity: Prison Video

    With the Identity Kickstarter live now we can start showing off some of these scenes. We were tasked with taking premade assets, optimizing them, retexturing them and then setting everything up in UE4. It's always amazing how much time can be spent noodling the smallest details and even then not being 100% happy with them, which was the ongoing theme for this scene. I think one saturday I spent 5 hours on water droplets and then another 3 on light shafts, all after the UE4 wizards over here had spent weeks getting it to this point. Probably could have spent another month on this scene but deadlines and budgets are what they are.. Would still love to hear your thoughts on it

    To illustrate the process we took achieving the specific style that we were after here I'll post up a series of progress images in Chronological order and finish it up with a video at the end.

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    When I think "prison" I never think a clean environment or fully functional. I think some of the cell lighting could be a little more uneven, some dead bulbs, some off color, etc.

    I'd also see some sign identifiers, cellblock numbers on the floors or walls. Emergency lights outside the cells, switches, pipes running cables and a little more grim.

    This reference you can see the lights I was talking about:

    Looks cool, details I mentioned feel like finishing touches.


      Looks really nice man. Love the light shafts and lighting over all. The detail is excellent too.
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        Love the end product fly-through. The peeling paint and rust on the bars, dust and asbestos floating gently down from the ceiling... A truly believable, decrepit environment. It's easy to see how you got bogged down in the details -and it paid off!