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SCENE - My first young steps with UE4

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    SCENE - My first young steps with UE4

    Hello there.

    I recently started messing around with the unreal engine 4. I also worked with my girlfriend once or twice as a multi-user. Wanted to use the floor with Megascan textures but somehow i can't get the displacement right in 3D.

    Anyway, here is my first result.

    CineCam Actor added, a short sequence on FullHD 60 FPS

    More or less the same in bright, but I still have a lot of problems with the light. For example I only get the right light when I press save as. But these are probably all beginner mistakes.

    Hi, not a bad start at all. Maybe for the lighting you could turn of auto exposure in the project settings. And are you baking lights or is it all dynamic?
    For the displacement you need lots of mesh details for it to actually work, so make sure your mesh has enough vertices.