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[PLUGIN] Scene Fusion - real-time, multi-user, level collaboration that works remotely is available

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    [PLUGIN] Scene Fusion - real-time, multi-user, level collaboration that works remotely is available

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm from KinematicSoup. We are mostly making tools, services, and plugins. We made a tool for Unity that we released in 2017 called Scene Fusion. It's basically google docs for level designers. Since 2017, influenced by Epic's suggestion, we made a version for Unreal Engine.

    It's now available from our website, and hopefully soon in the Epic Marketplace.

    It is tied to a back-end service so that remote work is a snap, however we also license a LAN server for those who have heavily locked-down networks. We offer a free tier for 2 people who can work together on maps containing up to 2000 actors. Paid tiers have no actor limits, fully support sublevels, terrain, and brushes, all in real-time.

    The plugin has been available for some time and is actively in use by several studios already. Today we launched the free tier and self-serve portal, so you no longer need to contact us for access.That said, if you are working on a larger project we encourage you to contact us. If you are a hobbyist or working on a small project, please use the self-service portal. If you are a student, make your instructor aware of Scene Fusion as we have great options for your school.

    If you haven't worked this way on your levels yet, you really should give it a try. It's more fun, and your team will be more productive. The productivity increase stacks as your team gets larger, too.

    Here is a video showing it in action:

    If you have any questions, you can ask here or feel free to pop into our discord server here:

    Interesting grimunk. Been watching this tool unfold with interest. However, since the early announcements Epic have added their own system to UE4. So you can you compare / contrast the two or say something about the pros / cons of the plugin... Cheers


      EntrpriseCustomr There are several advantages for Scene Fusion:
      • It works as easily remotely and it does locally. When you load up a map file into Scene Fusion it will be visible to everyone on your team, in or out of the office. No configuration or VPN required.
      • Terrain and geometry brushes are synced in real-time, as opposed to using a push/pull mechanism.
      • All team members do not have to be in exactly the same state during the session. Assets in different states between different people are tolerated. Scene Fusion bolts in to existing workflows.
      • Overall Scene Fusion is more stable than Multiedit at this time.
      • Behavior is easily customized. The plugin is extensible so you can integrate support for other plugins. You can implement your own asset syncing.
      • The core Scene Fusion library is portable and can be coded and linked into your game client. This allows you to send updates to a game client in real-time. For example, this is useful when tuning things in the level for gameplay purposes in real-time.
      • Sublevels are fully supported in our paid tiers. Different users can load different sublevels at the same time to work on. If they load each other's sub-levels, all changes are instantly synced.
      • We also have Scene Fusion for Unity, and we've used it to create Scene Fusion U2U which allows level data migration between the engines.

      For other feature differences, Scene Fusion relies on external source control for assets. Scene Fusion doesn't have the notes system implemented. Scene Fusion doesn't hook into the level sequencer as multiedit does.

      We have several usability improvements coming to make is even easier to use. The experience of our existing users and customers has overwhelmingly been better on Scene Fusion as they feel it is more reliable and works just as well for remote workers as local ones.

      I hope that answers your questions!
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