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FREE Flexible, Versatile and Easy Multi-Threading Plugin

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    [PLUGIN] FREE Flexible, Versatile and Easy Multi-Threading Plugin

    While I was creating my Procedural Terrain, I encountered a problem with performance, so I needed a solution for Multi-Threading that was powerful and easy, yet versatile and efficient.
    After searching high and low all over the internet, I could never find the perfect solution, even the greatly priced Plugins didn't cut it for me, so I set out to learn and code my own Plugin for Multi-Threading, hence, this post.

    The Plugin is as simple and easy to use as it could be including only two functions, and yet it allows for great control and versatility, it allows any actor to implement it as it is an Implementable Interface, and doesn't require any setup or fiddling with code, it doesn't even require you to create custom classes or anything, you just add the interface to any actor, and it works right out of the bat.

    Tutorial Section and Examples:

    First off, download the Plugin here:

    I will eventually make a Git repo at some time, mediafire will do for now


    You can also join this Discord server for any assistance:

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