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"Face Your Demons" the Horror VR Experience

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    [GAME] "Face Your Demons" the Horror VR Experience

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    Hello Community! This is my very first topic about my very first product, hope you enjoy it.

    Face Your Demons is a quick, intense, VR horror experience. You can finally find it on STEAM! (you can click here)

    You will project your most ancestral emotions into a magnificent and unsettling environment infested by a Demon eager to eat your soul and scare you to the bones! Freely inspired by the Divine Comedy, Face Your Demons is an Immersive Jumpscare that will raise your heartbeat to infernal levels! Your willpower and your courage will be put to the test, experiencing firsthand what it means to confront face to face a Devil in flesh, darkness and sparks.

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    At the worst moment, will your inner demons feed the virtual ones?

    On the Face Your Demons official page you can find more info about the making of it, I'm going to post here a humble sparkle of the main level blueprint for the insiders:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ARTIV-Face_Your_Demons-Level-Blueprint-2.jpg Views:	2 Size:	393.1 KB ID:	1653445

    Everything your are going to see is all self learned and created in 6 "damned full immersive" months, and I wish to express all my gratitude to the Epic Games team, wich is doing a great job with the free release policy (you will see some "Paragon" and "Soul: Cave" assets here and there) and the online learning section, wich made me able to follow my artistic aspirations. This VR Experience is build for Windows & HTC-VIVE, I've tested on my GTX 1060 and it works smoothly and fine. I hope I can implement the build to be compatible with the other Headsets as soon as I can.

    Thanks also to Shingraphic, the distributor of this little project, who has a great eye to design and innovations.

    Every feedback will be appreciated guys! Glad if you are going to film some of your friends freaking out in fear this summer!

    Have a nice day
    Iacopo (ARTIV.STUDIO)

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