Hi all,
I want to share with you my latest commercial project - Residence in a picturesque place on the mountainside near the lake.
Many thanks to Epic Games for the Unreal Datasmith plugin for 3Ds max, as in the process there were a lot of architectural adjustments that were made in 3Ds max and instantly all the modified 3D models were transferred to the project in Unreal Engine. It VERY, VERY simplified and accelerated my work.

Two years ago, I met Unreal Engine 4 and found out that I can perform archviz with real-time rendering and this has lured me. And I began to study the Unreal Engine. The result of my work you can see on the screenshots that I presented. I hope you enjoy the quality of visualization.

Epic Games makes a revolution in the architectural visualization industry to help everyone who wants to see their home long before construction.

More photos here:

Architectural animation:

3d VR tour: