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    [PLUGIN] Multisensory pod Plugin

    Unreal Engine Plugin for multi-sensory experience cabin.

    The plugin will provide developers easy access to sensor events through both C++ and Blueprints. Unreal Engine developers can handle inputs and outputs of all sensors contained in the pod that are currently accessible through the SDK.

    Each sensor is accessible as a component that can be added to any existing actor.

    Each component is a hook into the functionality of a particular sensor, and the developers are able to read or write from/ to it.

    Unreal Engine Developers have easy access to all sensors through Blueprints or C++ with a list of components:
    • HeaterComponent
    • CeilingComponent
    • ScentComponent
    • FanComponent
    • LightPanelComponent

    Developers are able to use the plugin as part or real-time experience or using it for creation of cinematics or sequences.

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