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    I just pushed v0.8.4.7 on the beta branch.
    Nothing new, just fixing a small visual bug with the fog.

    I took the opportunity of a few tests to take a few new screenshots:




      I'am very happy to annouce that v0.9.0.0 is now available on the beta branch :-)

      I brings one of the two most requested features of Yag: hand crafted dungeons :-)

      The presentation video is here:

      And you'll find a few screenshots there:



        Hello, I was searching for a good VTT for a long time, every one I find does seem to lack something that I need. YAG is a totally new approach from what I normally see. In the list feature I read that it lacks Fog Of War for perfomance due, that is something that i really need, coupled with character view and special view (darkvision and such).

        Have you thought about this system?:
        Every pawn (let's call it Character) has an editable sphere (radius, section, sight type) attached, that is his field of view. When the Fog Of War is active, every other pawn (monster, enemies, neutral NPC and map parts beside the terrain) is by default invisible to that Character until his sphere intersect other pawns, rendering them visible to that Character. In the same way, when the sphere doesn't intersect other pawns anymore, they return invisible for that Character.

        In this way, when the Fog Of War is active and a player is using a Character, he can only see what his Character sees, without the DM switching pawns between visible and invisible.

        I think that this way there would be some more work setting the invisibility for spells and such but I think that the DM would have a much better time when playing.


          Hello AriesBreath,

          Very good idea, this could be a great workaround for the absence of FOW, thanks a lot for that, i've added that to my R&D todo list :-)

          Thanks !
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            v0.9.1.1 is on the beta branch.

            No new features but 1 Go of new content:
            - 8 new elemental dragons
            - a scorpion queen
            - a colored spider monster
            - a kung fu fighter
            - a light swordsman
            - a barbarian
            - a dwarf
            - a full collection of obsidian weapons
            - a full collection of frost weapons
            - 4 new statues
            - a few new treasure chests and pile of gold and silver coins for treasures and wealth

            Most of them come in many colors, offering a lot of possible variations

            Presentation video here:

            And a few screenshots there: