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Pro-VOX Uncharted Voxel Nature Pack

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    [ASSETS] Pro-VOX Uncharted Voxel Nature Pack

    Hi guys!

    The pack is available for all of you guys! ➡️

    Now get 20% Off ➡️

    BEST FOR AR / VR Projects!

    You can create your own voxel adventure RPG, Rougelike or FPS game. The Pro-VOX package contains a demo scene, separated and reusable models! Feel free to check out the resource files.
    • 75+ Models
    • Railway kit with Crossovers
    • Mine-cart
    • Fence (of course)
    • Modular voxel trees! (Trees have 5 different stages, combine to more than 1000 variations)

    Technical Details


    Includes more than 70 unique models, with their own unique textures. Also includes modular assets for creating even more variations. It also includes a beautiful flat shading based water surface material! It also contains demo cinematics for a nice overview of the whole pack!

    Texture Sizes:

    All textures are "1024x8" pixels except:

    Content/Voxelorama/Materials/Environment/Landscape/T_vray-osl-alligator-noise - "512x512"

    Texture Size



    Collision: Yes, automatically generated

    Vertex Count: 287,198

    LODs: 1

    Number of Meshes: 77

    Number of Materials and Material Instances: 45

    Number of Textures: 63

    Supported Development Platforms:

    Windows, Linux, MacOS

    Supported Target Build Platforms:

    Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Playstation 4, Switch, tvOS, Xbox One, HTML5

    Hi guys!

    If you have any questoins join our Discord Support Channel ➡️