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[LudumDare]#30 - Affix It - SaxonRahs 48 Hour Entry

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    [LudumDare]#30 - Affix It - SaxonRahs 48 Hour Entry

    Affix It - A 48 hour Ludum Dare Entry

    Oh No! You lost your colors and you must bring the lovable rects, Gre2n, Red, and Blu to their worlds, or be selfish and travel yourself. Use the lovable rects in any way you want, just take them through the particle effect portals or reach the particle effect portals yourself.

    It's got great music and sfx, amazing 3d graphics, awesome 3D platforming, and super cool game mechanics, plus it's got lovable rects !

    To run it you need to direct yourself to the "AffixIt\Binaries\Win32" folder and Double Click 'AffixIt.exe'

    WASD = Movement, Mouse Movement = Control Camera, Left Click when standing next to a lovable rect will pick it up or drop it.

    Affix It - All in one zip

    Affix It - 7 part zip*

    Soundtrack on Soundcloud

    *when downloading the 7 part zip, you only need the 6 - 10 meg files and the 7th 5.9 meg file, the 65.9 meg file is the all in one zip
    Attached Files
    Machine Learning C++ Plugin
    Lindenmayer System C++ Plugin

    The final results of my LD48 #30 entry.
    - Coolness - 77%
    #332 - Humor - 2.73
    #491 - Audio - 2.80
    #494 - Mood - 3.06
    #502 - Graphics - 3.17
    #677 - Innovation - 3.00
    #811 - Fun - 2.75
    #909 - Theme - 2.67
    #751 - Overall - 3.00

    Not bad at all, really surprised that i got all of the ratings over 2.5 and that i beat 742 people. Basically middle of the pack and for having a windows only platform game it's really surprising, usually if you don't have a linux, mac, /HTML game a huge portion of people cant play, seems i got lucky. BUT it really isnt about beating others, im just glad i finished a full game in under 48 hours
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    Machine Learning C++ Plugin
    Lindenmayer System C++ Plugin


      Nice man :P Your game was actually pretty cool.

      I will bump my thread with result too, I got pretty far with my graphics