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[Android] Tappy Football 3D

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    [Android] Tappy Football 3D

    Finally time to post the little android game I've been working on while learning UE4. Blueprint project and my first ever game!

    TappyFootball 3D

    Please download try it out and give 5 stars :-P

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ball_in_air_withlogo_small.png
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Name:	night_sky with text_small.png
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Name:	random_start_position_-_blue_sky_with text_small.png
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Name:	rain_with text_small.png
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    Addictive free kick football shooter with table kicker style obstacles in 3D!!
    What happens when you combined a football free kick with randomized table kicker obstacles and the physics and 3D engine of Unreal?
    "Tappy Football 3D"
    (see bottom for what the Permissions are being used for)
    Features include:
    * Randomized defenders on table kicker style poles: speed, height, direction, and color!
    * Randomized free kick ball locations
    * Two game modes:
    1. Freestyle: addictive Flappy Bird style scoring
    2. 20 Shot Challenge: Who can score the most goals from 20 free kicks?? - linked to Google Play Leaderboards!
    * Immersive stadium sounds
    * 3D graphics and physics on the Unreal Engine 4
    * Google Leaderboards compare and compete against your friends!!! For:
    ** Best Score (goals in a row)
    ** Best 20 Shot Challenge score
    ** Total Goals
    ** Total Shots
    ** Games Played
    * 13 Achievements!
    * Additional stat: Shots per Goal!
    * Environmental effects - rain!
    * Random time of day
    If it turns out alot of people enjoy the game the following could be added via a future update:
    * Ability to do a curve ball kick
    * Power ups for removing defender / slowing a defender, etc.
    * Ad free version
    * Dynamic shadows on defenders
    * Improved stadium
    Known Issues:
    * Performance: This is made on a 3D Engine. Any devices older / slower than a Samsung Galaxy S2 will not perform well at all - you're out of luck sorry!
    * Black screen on first start: clear your phones memory and reopen the app again - if persists check known issue above.
    **Permissions Usage (thanks Google for the ominous wording):**
    * Identity: For Google Play online Leaderboards and Achievements
    * Photos/Media/files: For saving of saves games only
    * Wifi connection information: For geo targeting of google ads only
    * Device Id & information: For Google Play online Leaderboards and Achievements
    * Other: in game sound, stopping of lock screen while gaming etc.
    Before giving a bad rating because of problems please report them via the support form here: so I can fix!
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