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Pro-TEK Sci-Fi PBR VR Horror Corridor in Space

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    [ASSETS] Pro-TEK Sci-Fi PBR VR Horror Corridor in Space

    Hey Guys & Lads!

    You can create your own adventure RPG, Rougelike or FPS game even in VR.
    The Pro-TEK package contains demo scene, separated and reusable models! Feel free to check out the resource files.

    The Sci-Fi asset-pack for both desktop and mobile games.

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    The pack Includes 7 unique models with unique textures.
    All of the assets are modular for creating even more variations.
    • HDR DemoScene
    • Modular Sci-Fi pack
    • Highpoly Models
    • Weighted Vertex Normals
    • Physically Based Materials
    • 4K Texture Maps for Ultra High Detail
    • Multiple texture types for some assets.
    • Feel free to check out the resource files.
    • Machines
    • Wall and Floor elements
    • Support beams

    Texture Sizes:

    All textures are "4096x4096" pixels except the list below where not applicable:
    Content/Protek3/Textures/Environment/Decals/T_Blood_01_Decal - "1300x1024"
    Content/Protek3/Textures/Environment/Decals/T_Blood_02_Decal - "1432x1024"
    Content/Protek3/Textures/Environment/Decals/T_Blood_03_Decal - "1024x1024"
    Content/Protek3/Textures/Environment/Decals/T_Blood_04_Decal - "294x1024"
    Content/Protek3/Textures/Environment/Decals/T_Ice - "1536x1024"
    Content/Protek3/Textures/Environment/Decals/T_LightShaft - "682x1024"
    Content/Protek3/Textures/Environment/Decals/T_Mossy_Decal - "440x1024"

    Texture Size:


    Collision: Yes, automatically generated
    Vertex Count: 101,977
    LODs: 1
    Number of Meshes: 7
    Number of Materials and Material Instances: 25
    Number of Textures: 31
    Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS
    Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Playstation 4, Switch, tvOS, Xbox One, HTML5

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    2018 © Level One Games / LumiNet

    Hi everyone!

    Supported Engine Versions are UPDATED to 4.15-4.19
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      Hi guys!

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