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First UE4 Project / Archivz Exterior

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    First UE4 Project / Archivz Exterior

    Hey guys! first time posting here. So i started learning unreal engine a week ago and after watching a lot of tutorials i made a test scene. My goal was to achieve a realistic result also it was done in 2 days. Any C/C are welcome! Thanks

    Not bad at all! My first tip is that the Unreal Forums actually allow you to embed images directly, which'll hopefully hook more people passing by the thread into commenting and providing feedback.

    Also, 2 days is a remarkably short time to work on a scene. I'd suggest taking a little longer so you can give yourself time to think about how to improve the scene bit by bit.

    In terms of feedback:

    - I think the foliage is a little too Uniform looking
    - The fog might be a little strong
    - It's not clear where the blue sky-lighting on the side of the building is coming from
    - the shadows are a bit too dark - it's unnatural

    It's a strong start, good luck!
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