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Ragtag Adventurers - Boss Rush Shared Screen Multiplayer

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    [GAME] Ragtag Adventurers - Boss Rush Shared Screen Multiplayer

    Well I finally get to post in this board for a change! I am proud to present the results of my team's hard work over the past few months, our first project to be released - Ragtag Adventurers. It's a relatively simple game that has you fighting alone or with friends against bosses who really don't like the way you looked at them. It's been a passion project in the planning for a long time and we've had the luck to work with very talented people on it. If you want to know more you can check it out on Steam or Facebook.

    You can also take a look at the teaser right here:

    We've been doing some standard promotion here and there so far, but the reason I'm making this thread here is because we've used Unreal Engine 4 (d'oh) and I thought this would be a good place to answer some development questions people might have.

    Hope you enjoyed the preview and thanks for your time! If you have any questions feel free to post them and I'll answer to the best of my abilities!

    Best regards,
    Damir H.
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    So, I just noticed that the new forum software decided to eat most of my images, so I've replaced them with some new ones. In either case, I'm happy to announce that we've submitted our first build to Valve for early access approval! If you guys want to check out the game there tons of places to do so, but obviously the most direct one is on Steam. There are some more animated webm's that you can check out in this imgur album.


      Hey DamirH.

      Loved your art style. With few resources such as textures etc, you made it look nice--not a task for everyone.

      It's sad to see you haven't been updating it that much. People were asking for a multiplayer, and I'd love to see you making it real. But you know about yourself. Was just saying.

      Well, probably am gonna ask you a few questions (in a near future) about Steam + Deployment.

      Give me something to believe in.


        Multiplayer is being worked on diligently along with a ton of new features. Feel free to ask whatever you want.


          Oh, that's great! Glad to know it!

          Well, since you said so, yes, I do have a question. Let's look at this picture:

          I loved that flaming border your "elk" has, but I and a friend of mine were wondering how you ended up with it. I voted that's a material, whilst he voted that's a particle-something. Could you reveal this secret to us?

          Also, the animations were all by yourself? If there's something in my project that is driving me crazy, this thing is definitely the animations. Do you have any hints for someone who completely lack animation knowledge? (Well done, by the bye.)

          Thank you!
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          Give me something to believe in.


            The deer is all done via shader and the animations were done by our animation department so I'm afraid I am not much help in that regard.


              Hey folks, just want to say that I'm proud to announce that the game has officially left Early Access and there's a 30% launch sale going on right now on Steam. Thanks to everyone who worked on it and who followed the progress!


                Looks awesome. I will buy this on steam. I just need to make room on my hdd first, and finish cuphead. Im diehard into platformers, and boss runners.