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Paper 2d sidescroller

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    [GAME] Paper 2d sidescroller

    Hey here's a trailer and link to a game I made playing around with Paper 2d. If people like it I might try making a longer version, if not I'm going to go cry myself to sleep.


    Edit: I fixed a lot of the sloppy controls, and added way more checkpoints. Also found a place to upload it!
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    I mean I love it! But I bet you still cry...

    Seriously though. Very cool. You should def keep working on this.

    EDIT: I just played through it. I genuinely love it. Bit of polish and a bit more gameplay sorted.

    Its already a lot better than most of the **** on steam!
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      Well I for one admire the results paper2d is quite possibly the most challenging thing there is to work with in the engine.


        well done . keep up good the good work .


          Really fun, good work.


            This looks so good, the character voice is cute


              Originally posted by mall_one View Post

              Also, does anyone know a good place to distribute something like this. I'm very new to this scene
              Besides Steam, you can try or Good luck!


                Also... weeeeeee!
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                  Nice voice, and cool bit flavor art. I like it Looks great, and very snappy. A bit too snappy at times though. I would try a touch of camera lag, or interping the camera just a slight bit to smooth out the speed of the game though.
                  I think it would help a lot to move character back to center if he's in wall jump.


                    Originally posted by mall_one View Post
                    Also, does anyone know a good place to distribute something like this. I'm very new to this scene
                    There's which caters strongly to small indie games like this.
           is a simple way to find, download and distribute indie games online. Whether you're a developer looking to upload your game or just someone looking for something new to play has you covered.


                      i like it buddy keep up the good work

                      what's your method for all the moving platforms? do you do a cinematic start on begin play or do you have them move based on blueprint?
                      is this all one level which is rendered all at once? everything happening and loaded as soon as you begin play? or is there some kind of loading as you go type situation?

                      i would move you some of your blocking volumes a bit so the character falls/dies instead of being able to wall jump on the "air", buuut you could def make this into a phone game and release for android/iphone?. Personally i've had a hard time making a d-pad in unreal for touch devices. The default joystick is kind of janky. curious if you or anyone else has worked with touch buttons in unreal.

                      I would also release on steam for all available platforms, including linux for bonus points
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                        looks gorgeous dude, great work on the stylized assets
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                          anxious; looks Super Fun!!!!