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STAFF WARS, A Chaotic, Floor-Defying Wizard Party for 2-4 Players!

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    [GAME] STAFF WARS, A Chaotic, Floor-Defying Wizard Party for 2-4 Players!

    The floor is crumbling behind you, another Wizard has just snatched up the rocket launcher you were sprinting for, and you’re only one point from claiming ultimate bragging rights!

    Staff Wars is a party game for up to 4 players where you can’t stop moving lest the floor fall out beneath you. Gravity, after all, is a wizard's greatest enemy.
    The shoddily constructed arenas in which you battle were never known for supporting a wizard’s ideal body weight, let alone the impact from repeated bomb detonations! As such, survival comes down to ancient and well respected art of ‘not falling down a hole’, a technique made ever more complicated by the schemes of the other magi. However, If you can avoid the holes, explosions and wild magic to win three rounds, you will be granted claim to the most wonderful item your young wizard mind could possibly comprehend.
    A really cool Staff.

    Of course, the fun comes from the battle, and to aid you in battle, special items will constantly appear within the battle arenas. These items range from magical chilling Ice-walls to not-so-magical Rocket Launchers, and exist to give any wizard the edge in the competition, but only if you grab them first!
    Staff Wars is the embodiment of our passion and love for chaotic party games. The gameplay elicits the same kind of joyful panic and excitement you feel from games such as Bomberman, where the slow burn to the chaotic finish takes your breath away! With tweakable game modes for endless replayability, you’ll have a wand-erful time.

    Staff Wars is releasing for Steam 4th of August on Steam, with a release discount putting it at only $7.50 USD!
    For a link to our facebook -
    A link to our website -
    And of course, We hope you'd love to check it out!
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