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    Mocap Suit for Sale like new

    Hello ! I have for sale a Perception Neruron V32 suit , I bought this on 18 february 2020 for one project , I dont need this now so I am selling this for 1500 $ . The price with VAT was 2235 usd you can check that on their site and I own an invoice ! The suit is in perfect conditions like new one andit has 1 year warranty . For who is interested can contact me ! !

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    I expected challenges - but I never thought they'd be so bad, so long, and so frequent.


      You could probably exceed your ROI/T producing animation packs with it and commercially distributing them in online marketplaces.

      100 Sales * 15 or
      15 Sales * $100
      = $1500.

      Animation packs average ~$29.99.

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