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    Dear UE4

    Today I hate you.
    Some times I love you yes, when I get something to compile and it works just as hoped. When I see my dream forming in front of me. When I remember how as a kid I wanted to develop games, and now, even if it's just a hobby with many of the advanced skills missing I AM DOING IT.

    But today, we are on the 4th day of trying to get you to do some things for mobile. My landscape had already taken days upon days to properly tile. Then figure out why some of the grass was grey. Then there was the sudden vanishings. Where everything became a grey checkered pattern like we had jumped into the rabbit hole to visit the red queen. Running fast as I could just to stay in one place the two of us were.

    Then finally it happened. Someone on this forum, a kind soul with mercy had me change texture sample to wrap and all of it, the grass, the stone, the beach were in place. Even our path from the fountain to the houses was awaiting us.
    So I decide, since my friends watch my video postings of progress, enjoy brain storming my concepts with me, i would try to package it into a single level you could run around in. Something where they could play and tell me how it is on mobile devices. And i discover I can not package. So I read up, and learn. I install few new things, and adjust some settings. And there is a client fail.

    But I have learned there is a mobile preview! So i click and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. As textures take forever to load...but ultimately never do.
    Now 2 days later, when I have learned things on saving on textures, channel packing in example. And have set much to fully rough. When HDR is on, and i have restarted the editor so many times As i tweak these here and there. Turning off everything I still wont load my landscapes material on even the highest end mobile settings.

    I did once, between compiling shades (why are they now starting at 8000?) see the preview, and saw that ALL my textures, no matter how simple were pink to white. Except the sky. The flat matte black sky. Because apparently in these modes, you dont support an atmosphere. Which explains why I feel like I am drowning.

    While I appreciate so much of your easy fast beautiful workings is it too much to ask for you to tell me when I do something wrong? That if you dont want to work for me just say, that it is too large, or a bad format, or to toggle the tick box #2,879?
    Maybe also, it would be nice if you would let me set the joystick and rotations to a movement relative to a camer? While the camera also moves? That would be really nice....thank you