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Artyom "Degrathy" Larin - 3D Environment Aritist

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    [CONTRACT/PAID] Artyom "Degrathy" Larin - 3D Environment Aritist

    Skillset(s):3D Environment Artist
    I don't have experience in game industry companies.
    I can only chatting in English, still need a lot of speaking practice. And great knowledge of Russian language
    3D Low/high poly modelling, PBR texturing, i know full workflow of game ready asset.

    Examples of my personal projects:
    Sci-fi Corridor - Scene:
    Level built in Unreal Engine 4
    - Floor - 2 triangles smiling_face - 2k textures
    - Wall - 304 triangles - 2k textures
    - Sci-Fi metal barrier fence - 262 triangles - 2k textures
    - Sci-Fi Supply Crate - 678 triangles - 2k textures
    - Sci-Fi Weapon Storage - 514 triangles - 2k textures
    - Sci-Fi Ammo Box - 208 Triangles - 2k textures
    - Sci-Fi Barrel - 443 triangles - 2k textures

    Ballista, or crossbow for projecting heavy missiles, 1588.
    -8900 triangles
    -2k textures

    Subplasma gun. Made on Karanak's concept.
    -6,003 Triangles
    -2k textures

    Sci-Fi Door:
    695 triangles. 2k textures.

    You can find more about props, for everything i have marmoset viewer.

    Skype: gagachas

    Additional Information:
    Location: Russia, Moscow.
    A lot of free time.
    Cannot travel.

    Software: Modo, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Zbrush, Photoshop

    Comments welcome!